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Things I need to do, of interest to no one but myself:">

  • The Armchair. Fix the mods, fix the list, fix the site. Wah.
  • my website. arrrrgh i am so sick of frames. why do i keep using frames for everything when i hate them? And gah, i wish i were better at coding CSS.
  • Sekrit Project. I know, I know.
  • My Fat Lady Fic. It's sort of thrashing about helplessly in a death rattle, but there's still hope.
  • 30_kisses. I have so many things I want to say about HBP, and so many fics I want to rec/write/review. But when I sit down all I want to do is write TezuRyo. It would be frustrating, except that I'm really into the TezuRyo thing. I keep hoping that if i can write something that's decent more people will want to write it too, and that would be fabulous. But the IF is currently still in capital letters.
  • So I've desperately read through tons of Akira/Hikaru fic in the last day and a half. There is still more out there, surely. I will find it. And read it. All.
  • my lj layout. Cat ears! I mean. ♥ Cat ears. ♥ but still! Must pester orphne to come up with some sort of brilliant new layout.

    I'm at work again with nothing to do. But I have kind of an odd question for anyone who likes that sort of thing. I think I may have asked something like it once, ages ago--about love/hate relationships, and how/if people had actually experienced them. Right now I'm thinking about rivalry, which comes from having recently read HBP and being in the middle of Hikaru no Go. But also because I've been thinking a lot lately about competition, and how I think maybe my edges have dulled because I have nothing to compete in, and no one to compete with. I mean, I reckon ultimately we all compete against ourselves. But that's never as fun, is it? And regardless of how many people say obsession is unhealthy, it's often just downright exciting to be completely obsessed with someone else who is completely obsessed with you.

    But that's different from "rivalry," isn't it? Obsession goes a bit deeper, speaks of a more direct need that only the other person can fulfill. (Which leads to the interesting question of what need Harry--canon, book 6 Harry--has that only Draco can fulfill. But I'm not going there, not just yet.)

    How important is personal, direct competition in working to achieve your goals? Is rivalry about a personal strength or is it sort of about a combined strength? Have any of you guys ever had a real, true rivalry? I had a rival in 7th grade. I pulled her hair and made her life miserable. She did inspire me to want to be better. But she was a lot weaker than me, too, and apart from the few catfights we had I've never really seen anyone as a "rival" since. Maybe that's because I thought rivalry was immature? Is it? I don't know. Perhaps certain kinds of rivalry are. But Harry and Draco's rivalry, for example, has definitely matured along with them--and that's, if not exactly good, at least certainly interesting.

    Have any of you ever had a rival? Did they make you better? Make you want to *be* better? Did you have the same effect on them? Or was it all just a lot of scratching and biting?

    Finally, because, again with the whole bored at work thing, I'll do the 5-things meme that's going around.

    Ask me for my top 5 of anything, and I'll return the favor! Seriously. I love top 5 lists so so so much. So ask ask ask away. Go crazy. YAY.
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