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Oh my gosh!!! So much love on my friends list this morning! David finally got off his high horse and read HBP and is now freaking out all over the place, which is frankly adorable, and also writing damn good Malfoy fic to go with. (Nowwwww he just needs to decide he wants to refriend us all, the ass. :P)

Plus I found *two* TezuRyo fics popping up with my name on them! One by lady_androgene which you can read here, which was quite nicely done and made me smile! And I had forgotten that she said she would dedicate it to me and so was SO surprised when I saw it! Thank you thank you!!!!!!

And OMG Kimmie! mmmdraco wrote more TezuRyo for the whole Quantum Physics-verse that she and I and svz_insanity sort of hodgepodged together! There is Tezuka! And Ryoma! And a shower! Eeeee! Now all we have to do is get Svz to contribute a part, and the nexus will be complete!!!!

Really, this is so exciting. I met thehoyden last night (whose Hikaru no Go fics, I will mention again, are fabulous and a must-read for anyone whose even halfway interested in Akira/Hikaru), and I have dizzy giddy dreams of getting her to write Tezuka/Ryoma. She is not done with Prince of Tennis yet, haha. Her mind is still malleable. :D :D :D We watched the first Tenipuri musical last night and oh. my. god. I never realised anything "adorable" and "crack" could go so well together. I am still boggling. Tennis dancing! Glee!

I had a dream last night that Tezuka/Fuji was really canon all along, and I had missed it somewhere, but was discovering it on the reread. This dream depressed me so much that it woke me up and I literally had to stop and remember if there were any Tezuka/Fuji instances in canon because I was so upset, haha. Someone has apparently been ^_^ ing my subconscious. (*chink!*)

Anyway, it was such a nice nice thing to hop on LJ this morning. I was telling Orphne last night (you know, i did that thing where you do the word count to see what words you used the most on LJ? and "Orphne" popped up behind words like "the" and "h/d" at number 15. Orphne this, Orphne that. I feel sort of awful hogging her all to myself. But I have tried. I can't get her to post to lj! It is a lost cause. I have done my best. Maybe one of you can do a better job at coersion than I have. She just keeps raising her eyebrow at me and blowing me off. Che.) that I have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to LJ. I really, truly do. You guys are WAY WAY WAY too nice to me. And I really love you all for the collective spirit of Squee that just wafts through my friends page from time to time, like now, after Book 6, and when people are actually starting to write and discuss Tezuka/Ryoma. Eeee. And when you guys are asking me such lovely top 5 questions! I am enjoying myself so much! See? Riches! Embarrassment! Love!

Kimmie and I had a discussion a week or so ago about the lack of serious discussion in the PoT fandom, and how we wanted to debate ships and talk about their context in canon. This led to her creating a community called pot_manifesto. I haven't posted there yet but I'm really very excited about it, just like I'm very excited to read and comment on prillalar's Tezu/Ryo discussion threads. darkeyedwolf asked me yesterday for my top 5 reasons i ship tezu/ryo, which was really one of only two times so far i've gotten to talk much about tezu/ryo and PoT canon--the other occasion being here in response to LA's request for Tezu/Ryo examples in canon. And, like, she posted it to a Tezu/Ryo community and nobody replied. This is really depressing. Especially for me, who comes from the center of the H/D ship where we can't shut up about our pairing and canon. especially not now. We can do better! :D

Anyway, pot_manifesto is open and available for ongoing discussion about your favorite PoT characters and pairings, and one of the first things I will do when I've absorbed the pairing a bit more is post a Tezu/Ryo manifesto. If any of you guys have thoughts about Tezuka, Ryoma, or Tezuka/Ryoma together--or if you have any favorite Tezuka/Ryoma fanfics and especially fanart links, I'd really appreciate it if you shared them with me. I've read all the scant amount of T/R slash that exists out there, but I'm pretty unschooled on the fanart aspect of Prince of Tennis in general.

I'm not just asking because Orphne promised to make me another non-catboy Tezuka/Ryoma layout if I could find a gorgeous piece of fanart, either. Really. :D

I was going to cut-text this post but I couldn't find a suitable place at which to do so, because the balance of squee and blither and actual content was hard for my small brain to parse. I hope you won't mind, friends list. I am in a silly happy mood, and I have three more eps of Hikaru no Go to watch, after which I will probably go stalk the best_of_hikago lj for a bit until I have gorged myself on AkiHika.

What a very nice day it is.

How are you guys? Really. All this love I feel this morning. I need more people to share it with. ♥
Tags: h/d, hikago, hp fandom, otp, squee, tezuryo

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