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I just want to be a naughty boy, naughty boy.

koimistress: "When audience reaction is all over the map, art itself becomes meaningless."

Does it really? I don't think it does. I think that as long as art produces a reaction, then art will always be meaningful.

Just something I've been pondering.


svz_insanity contributed the final piece of the Quantum Physics puzzle to mine and Kimmie's ficlets. Yay! It's so interesting--we're all writing Tezu/Ryo in different ways, I think, but it's still coming together and working as one coherent picture. It's nice.

I love the Prince of Tennis soundtracks. They're just so happy. I love "Wonderful Days." I love it when the characters sing. I love that they cast the voice-actors in the musicals, and let the musical actors do the theme songs. It just makes for one great big incestuous Tenipuri family. It's adorable.


fraught has a lovely post (note: spoileriffic) which among other things discusses HBP Ginny, and the fact that she is a bitch who must die painfully, and I must say I quite agree. I agree so much that I shall now rant a spoilery rant about Book 6 Ginny. Becca and other Ginny fans should click at your own risk.Collapse )

ETA: I'm going to quote my comment to gmth on Auster's lj in this thread. GMTH asked me where the Ginny hate was coming from since she is in fact so much like Draco, and don't I love Draco? A valid point, but the logic breaks down for me in terms of authorial intent and the themes of the books. And I am capable of writing intelligent things about Ginny, honestly, and this is my chance to prove it to the world. textCollapse )

Anyway, I looked up www.dieginnydie.com and it was sadly not registered to anyone. Hint, hint.


In other news, ametatsu is one of my all-time favorite H/D writers who never writes H/D. (others in this category include weatherby and an_sceal.) Anyway, whenever Eddy writes anything you know it's going to be good, but this time she's written an absolutely delightful Hikaru no Go AkiHika fic, get this-- just because she didn't understand the pairing. She's all, "I don't see the love, che", so of course then she sits down and tosses off fic. And of course it's fucking awesome, brilliant, totally nails them, etc. It's disgusting, really. You should all go read it and then tell her exactly how disgusting it is. I'll be over here pouting, and definitely not waiting for her to write more.
Tags: draco, hikago, hp canon, recs, tenipuri, tezuryo
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