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More ficlets!

But first, I am going to link to black_dog's rundown of Prince of Tennis, which is hilarious and insightful, okay, accurate, and delightful. ♥

Ficlet #4: Prince of Tennis: Oshitari/Atobe for svz_insanity. Dude. Don't ask, I... don't know. And yes, Atobe drinks mai tais(1) even when standing in front of the junior high tennis association registration booth.

A good captain never breaks his pose, not even when he has just been informed his teammates have forfeited the nationals due to too much sex.

"Ohtori and Shishido?" he repeats, deliberately swirling his mai tai.

"Completely immobilized after you made the mistake of letting them go back to Shishido's room together after drinking all that vodka," Oshitari replies unblinkingly.

"Gakuto and Jiroh?"

"And Kabaji," Oshitari says calmly. "You do not, I imagine, wish to inquire further."

Swirl, swirl, swirl.

"Looking on the bright side," Oshitari continues, "Seigaku is long overdue for an orgy. It's possible that--"

"Screw this," Atobe says elegantly, allowing the drink to slip from his hand and shatter at last on the sidewalk.

Oshitari smirks. "What are you thinking, Ore-sama?"

"That we have better things to do than wait around for Sakaki-sensai to show up," Atobe replies, slipping his hand around Oshitari's shoulder. Oshitari, though a head taller, has always been pliable. He complies now, allowing Atobe's hand to grace the back of his neck.

"That's wise," he says, "considering that Sakaki and Hiyoshi were last seen together, looking very drunk and very soon to be indisposed."

It takes a great man to focus on the important things at such moments, Atobe thinks. Anyone of lesser qualities might miss the opportunity before him, the opportunity to draw Oshitari away from the sign-in booth and follow the example of his doomed teammates.

Atobe's greatness, however, remains intact.

"Naturally, they will all pay," he says, when Oshitari has joined him in the shadows.

"Tomorrow?" Oshitari says.

"Tomorrow," says Atobe.

Right before he kisses Oshitari, Atobe thinks that there can't be any harm in sending a case of vodka up to the Seigaku hotel rooms tonight--just in case.

1. Respectful Draco Trilogy reference, plagiarism not intended


Ficlet #5: Hikaru no Go: Akira/Hikaru for nana_rose.

"Shindou, you are not buying a dog," Touya says for the tenth time that day, the tenth time Shindou has dragged him past the pet store, where a litter of chow puppies lurks adorably behind the store display window.

"Why not?" Shindou retorts, preparing for the tenth time to march inside, and being restrained once again only by Touya's steady grip on his shoulder.

"You aren't ready for the responsibility," snaps Touya. "You can't feed and water and walk a dog. You can barely feed and water yourself, and besides, you're gone too much."

"That's what you said before," Shindou retorts. "But I can hire a pet-sitter!"

"No, what you'll do is wind up calling me at three in the morning when your dog pees all over your new rug and you don't know how to get the stains out."

"Whatever, Touya," says Shindou, though now he is looking considerably less enthused. "Like I can't handle something like that on my own."

"But you won't," is what Touya starts to say; and then lightning strikes him, right there in the Karuizawa shopping mall.

Because Shindou can handle things by himself; but Shindou won't. Because Shindou won't ever handle anything without Touya.

He lets go of Shindou's jacket, and Shindou turns and sees the look on his face.

"What's with you?" he asks. The tone of his voice suggests there will be no more thoughts of puppies today, but rather an evening of darting, nervous glances over the Go board, and biting, caustic attempts to play the What's Wrong With Touya game.

Touya looks at Shindou's lingering, wary expression, and knows Shindou will get no relief tonight, or ever, because for the first time, Touya knows what's wrong with Touya.

"Let's go home," he says, and notes with the twisting of his stomach that Shindou comes along because he says so, and that neither of them have bothered to separate one home from the other.


Okay, this next one is Tezuka/Ryoma for two_if_by_sea, who asked for "Tezuka/Ryoma, a sudden hailstorm." Ever since she made this request, I have been picturing this scene, which is one of my favorite scenes from any Austen novel. Finally I couldn't help myself, and wrote this little piece in the spirit of Persuasion. And now I am having all kinds of trouble fighting off plot bunnies involving Captain Tezuka-as-Captain Wentworth, and Ryoma as Anne Elliot, and gah, if they have to wait seven years to get together I will CRY.

Ryoma has never gotten used to the sudden rains in Tokyo. He has, however, gotten used to Tezuka bringing his umbrella to practice on blindingly clear days; so that when it rains later on, as it always does, Tezuka has a space for Ryoma beneath it as they walk from the clubhouse--if Ryoma wants one.

It doesn't rain more the year after Tezuka has left Seigaku, but Ryoma feels as though he gets a lot wetter.

The trick of the umbrella is one he has yet to master two years on when he sees Tezuka again, on a day the sky has clouded over and burst open in the space of five minutes. Ryoma ducks inside his favorite sport equipment store to escape the storm, and Tezuka appears shortly thereafter, his outline perfect and unmistakeable even through the blurry windowpane.

Ryoma has seen Tezuka again on the court, many times, but he has never seen him with his hair full of rain, his clothes drenched, his glasses fogged over. "Buchou," he says in a rush of breath, because Tezuka is the most provocative sight he has ever seen. As Tezuka steps inside, the clatter on the pavement outside tells Ryoma the rain has turned to hail.

Ryoma wants it to last.

Tezuka stops short when he sees Ryoma, and looks at him in a way that makes the space between them suddenly feel palpable, a barrier to cross. It has been too long since they have seen each other.

"Buchou," Ryoma says again, noticing how easily the word flies back to him. "Where's your umbrella?"

"I gave it away to a woman on the train," Tezuka replies. "What's your excuse?"

Ryoma tugs down his cap, although he is no longer short enough to effectively hide his smile beneath it. "Che," he says with a shrug. "I can always buy one if I have to."

"If you have to buy one every time it rains," Tezuka says lightly, "You'll always miss the pleasure of sharing it with somebody else."

Ryoma tries to read Tezuka's expression and gets lost there, somewhere behind Tezuka's wet glasses and brown eyes.

"Maybe," he says softly, taking a step closer, "but I always had you for that."

Tezuka's eyes darken, and he fixes with the stare that unfailingly dismantles Ryoma's insides. The fact that in all this time that has not changed sends shivers up Ryoma's spine. He steps closer again, and Tezuka does too, and for a moment he can read Tezuka plainer than ever; Tezuka has not changed, but some things have evolved, grown sharper.

Tezuka begins, "Why don't we--"

He is cut off by the clamoring of voices and the spatter of rain on the steps outside as a group of people enter the shop, trampling in ice and muttering. One of them jostles Tezuka, and the moment is broken. Now they are just two spectators waiting out the rain like everyone else. A moment later, Momo enters the shop carrying an umbrella big enough for two. "Hey, Echizen, there you are," he says, and leaves off when he sees Ryoma's face glued to Tezuka. Ryoma knows he is supposed to be grateful, but he can't find a way to unstiffen Tezuka's expression, so instead he slides his hands into his pockets and shrugs instead of replying.

"The hailstorm is over," Tezuka says. "And I see you've found an umbrella."

He turns to Momo and exchanges a brief, respectful greeting, and then he is gone.

"Hey," says Momo a moment after his departure. "What's it like seeing him again?"

"Cold and wet," says Ryoma.

The next day, he buys his first umbrella. And waits.

Yay. That was fun. :)
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