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More ficlets!

But first, I am going to link to black_dog's rundown of Prince of Tennis, which is hilarious and insightful, okay, accurate, and delightful. ♥

Ficlet #4: Prince of Tennis: Oshitari/Atobe for svz_insanity. Dude. Don't ask, I... don't know. And yes, Atobe drinks mai tais(1) even when standing in front of the junior high tennis association registration booth.Read more...Collapse )

Ficlet #5: Hikaru no Go: Akira/Hikaru for nana_rose. Read more...Collapse )

Okay, this next one is Tezuka/Ryoma for two_if_by_sea, who asked for "Tezuka/Ryoma, a sudden hailstorm." Ever since she made this request, I have been picturing this scene, which is one of my favorite scenes from any Austen novel. Finally I couldn't help myself, and wrote this little piece in the spirit of Persuasion. And now I am having all kinds of trouble fighting off plot bunnies involving Captain Tezuka-as-Captain Wentworth, and Ryoma as Anne Elliot, and gah, if they have to wait seven years to get together I will CRY. Read more...Collapse )

Yay. That was fun. :)
Tags: fic, hikago, tenipuri
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