let's get the seven lines. (bookshop) wrote,
let's get the seven lines.


I have a stupid PoT-related question, the answer to which I cannot find anywhere. And I need to know the answer before I can satisfactorily edit my fic and exorcise the demons post it.

When, exactly, are the nationals? Month-wise? School starts in April and I get the feeling it's been, like, maybe 3, 4 months, tops, for all the regional tournaments and build-up to take place in the manga?

Follow-up question: if the nationals are in August or so, ... what the hell do they do for the next nine months? That's gotta suck, if you're a sophomore new to the team you only have a few months to prove yourself, and then a huge stretch of time where nothing is happening before the next crop of your teammates even arrive.

But maybe I'm reading it wrong?


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