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like bnfdom for smart people. + Top 10 Films / Top 10 Queer Films!

Friends list: skip=one million.

  • so, what prompted the big "ooh, intellislash" thing? Are there people actually going around talking about how they write intellislash? Because I'm told that there are, but on the other hand my brain finds it hard to believe that anyone with more than half a brain would fail to realise that the first rule of intellislash is: you *don't write intellislash.* which makes it basically like bnfdom for smart people.

  • WAH :(( I want a Yuletide fic. *kicks self* I really need to inspire myself to just go write my great OTP Fugitive Gerard/Kimble slashfic once and for all. Reading tarie's post about it inspired me. I love that movie so much. I left it off my top 10 movie meme because I did not want to look like a plebe. And then I realized I also forgot The Sound of Music and Vertigo!!!! and I nearly cried.

  • Speaking of the movie meme, three of the gay-themed movies have gone un-guessed. I am going to post the answers for the first meme below, and then repost the gay-themed movies at the end of this post, so you will be able to read and guess all you like!

    List the First:


    answer: Talk to Her, finally(!) guessed by the lovely pocketbookangel, font, and literaryll. and I'm not going to do names for the rest because too many of you are too smart. *smooch*


    answer: I thought this would be a dead giveaway but only a few of you knew that this is the opening image from The Usual Suspects, one of the best and most quotable films ever.


    answer: Persuasion. All you who guessed Jane Austen were right. This is one of the loveliest, most subtle movies you will ever see.


    answer: SQUEAKER SQUEAK SQUEAK SQUEAKITY. The Emperor's New Groove is not only the best animated Disney film of the last 30 years, it's one of the funniest and most original films ever. It is impossible not to love this film, I don't care how you feel about David Spade.


    answer: Arsenic and Old Lace! I watch this film every year on Halloween. There are no words for how happy Peter Lorre can make me in this film. Nor how upset I was when I found Johnathan/Mortimer slash the other day and it turned out to be unreadable dreck. It was like searching for mecca all your life to find it at last covered in graffiti and Johnson grass.


    answer: French Kiss, because every girl needs to have a favorite romantic comedy, and this is the cutest, spunkiest, most quotable romantic comedy since When Harry Met Sally. Kevin Kline's moustache steals the show. And Meg in that blue dress. Guh. Okay, apparently I only watch romantic comedies to perv over the heroine and the gorgeous scenery, but either way, French Kiss delivers.


    answer: OH MY GOD HOW COULD ONLY ONE PERSON (pocketbookangel again!) KNOW The Women. George Cukor. Norma Shearer. Rosalind Russell. Joan Crawford. Marjorie fucking Main, people. An all female cast. over $500,000 worth of jewelry in one scene alone. The bitchiest, cattiest, campiest, funniest movie you will ever see. Opens with the line "Good grief! I hate to tell you, dear, but your skin makes the Rocky Mountains look like chiffon velvet!" and gets bitchier from there. The Women is so totally required viewing for the queer community, get off your kiesters and cue it up in Netflix. Gosh.


    Answer: I technically should have put this in the gay-themed category, because everybody knows about Mrs. Danvers's thing for Rebecca. There's so much subtext of all kinds floating around this story your head is spinning by the end. This was the movie that influenced my teen forays into romance novel-writing more than any other. And Laurence Olivier as Maxim de Winter was my first serious screen lust. I know. I'm strange. But guh. Maxim. Guh. Hitchcock. Incidentally, both this movie and The Women premiered in 1939, considered the greatest year for movies in cinematic history.


    answer: Did I say The Usual Suspects was one of the greatest film noir films ever made? Heist noir, yes. In the genre of pure noir, L.A. Confidential is the reigning champion. If you only watch this film for one reason apart from the plot, watch it for the scene in which Guy Pearce reacts to the words "Rollo Tommasi." His jaw clenches and his cheek does this thing that I have been mesmerized by for years. Not quite as mesmerizing is Kevin Spacey's entire performance throughout this movie, especially the acting even down to his eyes in the scene when *spoiler*. The acting from everyone in this entire film is superb--it's arguably the strongest ensemble acting from a cast in the last ten years. Guy Pearce and Russell Crowe together are, just. WOW. Australia, 10,000,000,000, the rest of the world, 0. Which brings me to my second reason to watch this film: subtext. The subtext in this film is intentional and sizzling and guh, there is astolat-fic for it. I can't say enough about this film. Seriously. Everything about it is superb. Look at me writing a book.


    answer: the couple of you who guessed The Philadelphia Story were, of course, right. I started to go with a harder pic but figured you'd either know the movie or just blink and go "katharine hepburn" and be stumped. :))

    I love this meme. It needs to be done regularly, as in, all the time.

  • Tezu/Ryo fic rec: soundczech started watching Prince of Tennis for god only knows what reason, and then accidentally got hooked. *_* AND. LOOK. FIC. "The Freudian Sense," Tezu/Ryo pre-slash and full of so much UST and phallic imagery you will be quivering. Tezuka playing video games (and losing) = so much love I cannot contain myself. You have to go read so Starla will write more. *tugs your collective sleeve*

  • happy late birthday, ponderosa121!!!! I have not forgotten about your Inui/Tezuka. I only hope I will finish it before your next birthday. You think I am joking but if you knew how long I have been sitting on loftily's birthday present you would understand my fear. Still, I send you love in lieu of porn. ♥

  • I have been loving fanart100 so much, primarily because I have found such wonderful artists through it. My recent favorites are orgueilestrange who has been drawing the most evocative and gorgeous Bellatrix/Rudolphus art among other things; _odella_, because her Draco/Hermione is just. *gibberflailnowords*; littlefire, who's been drawing--well, I have no idea what the fandom is, but guh, her artwork is gorgeous stuff. Really, I heart all of the artists on my friends list SO MUCH, and I could really praise them all to the skies; and I'm not just saying that because I'm gaga over all of Rahl's Hikaru/Touya fanart, and hopelessly smitten with Mneo's Voldemort love, or still over the moon about Glock's illustrations for my fic, or eagerly awaiting the next piece of Tezu/Ryo fanart from Alestar. EDIT: HOLY SHIT OMIGOD HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    Oh, fanart really is the most awesome thing ever. Oh, and I suppose this is where I pimp fanart_fairies. I don't need a visit from the fairy, but this is the loveliest idea ever, and so so so so sweet!

  • I have spent about two hours catching up on my friends list. I don't begrudge the time, but I also wish I could make space for fanfic. Holy hell, I don't know when I'm going to have time to read fanfic before Christmas break. Harry/Draco fic is just piling up in my To-Read folder and I am alternately torn between the urge to fling my arms around it and call in sick and read for like three days straight, or to run screaming away as fast as I can from the horror that is over one hundred unread H/D fics on my list. :((

  • In tenipuri news, Atobe is really so unquestionably gay for Tezuka it makes my brain hurt. He is only slightly less gay for Tezuka than Oishi is for Eiji, or Ohtori for Shishido, or Tezuka for Ryoma, or Fuji for Yuuta, or Mizuki for Yuuta, or, well, anyone. But he is gay for Tezuka in such a flashy, smug way that it's irresistable. And my heart does little flip-flops of glee every time I hear Tezuka say "Are you done yet?" before their match. The first time I watched that episode I didn't realise they'd never met before, because their opening exchange made them sound like secret boy's school lovers sharing code for "Are you as sore as I am after that thing we did in the showers last night?" And I suppose I am only saying this because I want the world to know that as FABULOUSLY GAY as Atobe is for Tezuka, Tezuka's love for Ryoma is the moon and the sun and the cosmos. Poor Atobe. Leave Tezuka for Ryoma, for he is not worthy of your brilliance. Truly, no one is.

    I really, really want a copy of the scan from PoT 190 of the Ohtori/Shishido formation that Hal called The BL Formation. Does anyone have this? I NEED this picture.

    Because when people ask me "really, how gay can it be, your gay tennis thingy?" I want to be able to SHOW THEM.

  • Below this cut you will find My top 10 favorite gay-themed movies.

    List the Second!


    answer: Mulholland Drive, guessed by a thankful majority. :D


    answer: Tipping the Velvet, aka the non-Jane Austen film in Andrew Davies' repertoire that makes you seriously wish he would turn his hand to adapting erotica for the BBC, like, ALL the frigging time. This is one of the hottest and yet most loving film portraits of a character I've ever seen. And gah, Anna Chancellor is a total tour de force in her role as the dominatrix. So evil/hot omg, you will never be able to call her "Duckface" again.


    Answer: Before Night Falls, aka The Movie Where Johnny Depp Crossdresses, And Speaks With a Spanish Accent While Gunfucking Another Guy's Mouth. And even if that were the only reason to see this movie, it goes without saying, what more reason do you need? But this movie is also excellent. It's a study of the Cuban writer and poet Reinaldo Arenas during the time of the Cuban revolution and military occupation through the 80's, and his struggles to explore his sexuality and eventually become a published voice against the revolution, under the most intense political situations of the 20th century. It's funny and wry and evocative and ultimately sentimental, with terrific acting from Javier Bardem, Michael Wincott, and Oliver Martinez, plus Johnny, who really is the most stunningly beautiful drag queen you have ever seen. Also? The film was co-produced by Arenas' surviving longtime lover. See it. You won't regret it.


    answer: Strangers on a Train. Out of all the subtext-laden Hitchcock films, this one is possibly the most overt (though the incestuous vibe of Shadow of a Doubt is arguably smarmier). Bruno/Guy will leave you flailing and feeling vaguely empty, as if you've sat down to watch Fatal Attraction but entered late and missed all the hot sex. There's so much that's absolutely classic Hitchcock, the tropes that have been passed down for generations: the whirling carousel finale, the murder reflected in the glasses *points to pic*, the shocking grotesque painting revealed! and of course the final scene between Bruno and Guy, in which it's obvious the Censors made Hitch cut out the kiss Farley Granger so obviously wants to place on Robert Walker's lips. Oh, and this film is based on a story by Patricia Highsmith, aka the woman who wrote the Ripley novels and never came across a subtext she didn't like. I adore this film.


    (this film is actually in color, but i couldn't find any stills that weren't in black and white. don't let it confuse you!)

    Hint: this is from the final scene of the film. I talk about this film a lot in relation to the John Wayne movie The Searchers. The fabulous William Friedkin directed it (Oh crap, I forgot to put The Exorcist on my list!), and it was very badly received by basically everyone when it aired.

    Answer: really? No takers? Clearly I need to talk about Cruising - and gay serial killers - more.


    Hint: Humperdink Humperdink Humperdink!

    Answer: Dog Day Afternoon! starring Al Pacino and Chris Sarandon in the role that won him the Oscar. Reaaalllllly surprised no one got this one. It's a total film classic.


    Okay, if anybody really knows this one I will be very surprised, but it is a beautiful, gorgeous and haunting film. Hint: Circus performers. And Henry Czerny.

    Answer: When Night is Falling


    answer: Taboo aka Gohatto. This one everybody seemed to know. I really enjoyed this film, though I think I was mostly confused when I watched it. It was like Verdi without music: smooth and melodramatic and full of stunningly visual moments, and, oh, yeah, TONS OF ASS-FUCKING. o.O This is a great piece; I need to see it again.


    answer: Gods and Monsters. Probably the 2nd-most well-known film on this list. If you haven't seen it, you DUMMY, what are you waiting for, it's a masterpiece. Yes, and Brendan Frasier is inspired by Ian McKellan and Vanessa Redgrave to give probably the greatest acting job of his career.


    Answer: Auto-Focus. I was really surprised no one knew this one. It made it into a Gilmore Girls reference, for goodness' sake, that clearly makes it public domain!

    Other films I thought about including on this list but left off for one reason or another: The Opposite of Sex (too easy); Jeffrey (I have my love-hate moments with that movie, and on that particular day I was 'meh'); Big Eden (sadly, have only seen this once and did not feel it therefore qualified); Brokeback Mountain - because I think a movie can easily make it onto one's favorites list before one has actually seen it; All About Eve - subtext, ladies, subtext.

    Thus ends what is basically the most pointless, and yet inexplicably time-consuming, post I've ever made.
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