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Audrey Hepburn: I love that you have a tezbear tag
Audrey Hepburn: as if you are going to be talking about tezbear a lot
Kate Hepburn: I MADE ONE
Kate Hepburn: JUST FOR HIM
Kate Hepburn: I THINK I MIGHT
Kate Hepburn: also i don't have a tezuka tag?
Kate Hepburn: and i figured i need one
Audrey Hepburn: you could update people on your tezbear search
Kate Hepburn: it would make me happy to go back and retag all my tezuka posts
Kate Hepburn: so that they say TEZBEAR
Audrey Hepburn: use tezbear for everything tezuka related!
Audrey Hepburn: YES
Kate Hepburn: HE IS MY TEZBEAR *_*

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