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  • Ariel's doing a crush meme? I sort of want to do it too but I'm all burnt out on memes at the moment. Blargh. But if anybody wanted to tell me something anonymously they could. Oh, and by the way? Everyone who commented on my fictional letters meme--you all have delighted me tremendously. Thank you very much. ♥

  • soundczech's Tezuka/Ryoma fic has taken over my life and has been consuming me day and night, basically. I am planning on taking off the night to review it. I have this whole huge post on Prince of Tennis to make too, that I have been working on for a week. It is supposed to be this newbie introduction post, but it is so BIG that people keep telling me to break it up and post it in parts. And what sort of introduction would that be? But at the same time, I really want to do it justice. Maybe I should just post all the relevant links first and worry less about commentary? :-< life.

  • You know what I think would be cool? A Cliche challenge. Or 30_cliches, or any sort of thing like the Harlequin challenge! I want Tezuka and Ryoma to have to pretend to be boyfriends! Or rentboy!Draco fics! Because really, can you ever have enough Rentboy!Draco? No. No, you cannot.

  • Here is that end-of-year meme that has been going around. I gacked it from mousapelli, who is awesome.

    2005 fics in Review:
    Total number of stories I wrote & posted last year: 70. The full list is below. Public fics are starred.

    Harry Potter:

    Harry/Draco Fics:
  • *The Properties of Voyeurism, sequel to The Properties of Being Lost
  • *What You Wish For, written for Draco's birthday.
  • *Let the Poets Pipe of Love, NC-17, for the reversathon and anjenue.
  • *Seven Lines, for the_eros_affair and sylvertongue
  • Hearthfires and Holocausts. I wrote this Draco-centric 5,000-word fic in August for the Fat Lady Digest fanzine. It is premiering soon, and I hope everyone who reads it will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

    H/D Drabbles and Ficlets:
  • A Drabble for Spaggel! with accompanying Spaggelicious artwork.
  • Spanking!drabble for loverly.
  • And Now for Something Completely Different for shubassdk.
  • 3 H/D drabbles for hybridutensil. I like the 2nd one.
  • *The Only Gay Eskimo for asterie_smiles.
  • *Present, H/D for an_sceal.
  • *Queen for a Day - Furry Hat! H/D for balfrog.
  • *New Orleans is Sinking. :|
  • *Saying Yes for the_eros_affair
  • *in which hand-holding is permissible but only *during* sex, co-written with lunacy
  • Harry/Draco, catfic, for lvlysenbai.
  • This little piggy for silverrangel.
  • Post-HBP H/D for radiobroadcast.
  • Random Throwaway Harry/Draco porn yay!.
  • Beauty/Hope/Pettiness for storyteller. Technically posted in 2006 but I wrote it in 2005 so it counts. :)

    Other Harry Potter fics:
  • *Laughter, Harry/Luna for literaryll
  • Fenrir/Remus for melieltathariel
  • Fleur/Bill for danibennett
  • HP/Frank the Goat crossover written with monochromal and michichu. :D
  • 6 one-line drabbles: Luna for verstehen; Lucius/James for loverly; Percy/Draco for cheshyre; Moody/Mulciber for biichan; Draco/Myrtle, for merrymelody.

    Other Fandoms:
    Jane Austen: *The Dolorous Passion of Mary Bennet.

    Gilmore Girls:
  • *Mason-Dixon. Jess/Rory for loftily.
  • Isn't It?, Jess/Tristan for loverly.

    Good Omens:
  • Tulips for shaggirl
  • *The Last Most Beautiful Day in the World for magicicada and go_exchange.

    Hikaru no Go:
  • *Name.
  • *A Whole New Apocalypse, for Lucy. Featuring fanart by the fabulous nana_rose! ♥
  • *Pet, for nana_rose
  • Hikaru/Tezuka (crossover!) for kitsune_jade.

    House: Chase-as-Draco - House-H/D crossover for katina_r and House/Chase/Wilson for penm.

    *Master & Commander: As Luck Would Have It for chaos_rose.

    Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack/Will for ngaio.

    Stargate: Atlantis: 1 drabble, "Ignition," 1 half-started story about John and Rodney in a lounge act, 1 half-finished comment porn thread, and 1 half-started story about John and Rodney's great angsty power struggle.

    for yuletide:
  • *Peter Milligan's Enigma (comic): Episode Nine: Creation, for Falstaff.
  • *Lords of Discipline (Pat Conroy novel): The Waters of Aegeus. for Jae Gecko.

    Extra: Fandom Pairing Predictions, multiple fandoms.

    Prince of Tennis.


  • *Love!Shinji. Shinji/Kamio + Pimp!Mizuki. Why does tenipuri always make me write crack.
  • *Oshitari/Atobe: Resourcefulness, crack!fic, for svz_insanity.
  • Fuji/Kaidoh: Nothing more than feelings, for samenashi and lout.
  • Fuji/Yuuta: Ovaltine, mpreg/incest crackfic. WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME, PRINCE OF TENNIS. this is sort of for darkeyedwolf.
  • Veela!Tezuka - Tenipuri/Harry Potter crossover fic with more crack continuations and crossovers by various authors in comments.

  • *InuKai: Discrepancy for mmmdraco.
  • *MomoKai: The Thinnest Line. For tracy, oblique!TezuRyo.
  • Fuji/Yuuta: untitled drabble, angst. Oh, Fujicest.

  • *Cloudburst, for two_if_by_sea, who I don't think ever actually saw it? But that's okay because I loved writing this anyway. Oh Austen references. *_*
  • *Context. Ficlet, written after anime eps 68-70.
  • *Quantum Physics, for mmmdraco.
  • 30_kisses:
    #3: Jolt.
    #4: Our Distance and That Person.
    #6: The space between dreams and reality.
    #7: Superstar.
    #8: In our own world.
    #12: in a good mood.
    #13: Excessive Chain.
    #16: Invincible.

  • pillarchallenge drabbles:

  • *Everything That Falls. Featuring fanart by the lovely and talented glockgal. ♥

  • My favorite story (of my own): Everything That Falls, because we hold close to us what we sweat and bleed over, and stuff.
  • My best story this year: probably Everything That Falls or The Properties of Voyeurism.
  • Most tragically underappreciated: I shall say A Whole New Apocalypse, just because I like it.
  • Most fun: all the Tenipuri Crack!fics.
  • Single Sexiest Moment: I think it would have to be this one, from Name:
    He leaves Shindou sitting staring fixedly at the stones, and gathers
    the dishes in an excuse to fumble around the kitchen and make noise. He
    is bending over the sink with his hair brushing his eyes when Shindou
    enters. A moment later Shindou walks through for a glass of water, and
    puts his hand on Akira's waist for a moment as he passes.

    straightens so suddenly that soap suds fly from his hands, and
    Shindou's hand leaves his waist as though it were on fire. Akira feels
    his face flushing even more, and he does his best not to turn around.
    The kitchen is wide and roomy and he doesn't know why Shindou is right
    behind him, why he is so close Akira can almost feel the warmth of his
    skin beneath his pullover. He should move, he thinks hazily. He should
    move and then apologize for getting in Shindou's way; he should--

    "Touya," says Shindou in a new voice.

    knows Shindou's voice so well that the thought of something new in it
    makes his hands shake. He reaches up for a towel and dries them because
    it gives him an excuse not to look at Shindou while he steadies them.

    is not moving away, and Akira takes twice as long drying his hands,
    because once this is done he doesn't know what to do or where to look,
    and if he has to look at Shindou he might be tempted to--

    Behind him he hears Shindou draw in a shaky breath, and everything hits him at once.

    turns around. Shindou is there, right there, staring at him with his
    eyes wild and confused and his hands making pointless motions at his

    Akira leans in and runs his hand through Shindou's hair.
    It is soft at the roots and full of hair gel on the top and just like
    he has always imagined it would be. Shindou's eyes go even wider, but
    he doesn't pull away.

    "Could you move out of my way, Shindou?" Akira asks. "I have to dry the dishes."
  • Most Unintentionally Telling Story: Probably Episode Nine: Creation. I never have written sci-fi before? And I think the result was really sort of ...well, interesting at least.
  • Holy Crap That's Wrong Even for You: Ovaltine.
  • Story that shifted my perceptions of the characters: definitely Hearthfires and Holocausts. Draco always does this to me.
  • Hardest to write: tie between Everything That Falls and The Last Most Beautiful Day in the World. The details in both of these stories just *killed* me; the time crunch on the second and the emotional intensity of the first left me absolutely drained.
  • Worst Story: Let the Poets Pipe of Love. I wouldn't say that I think it's awful, because I wouldn't want to insult the process of writing it or the person for whom it was written? But just. This fic was just.... so not me. In any way.
  • Easiest to write: all the Tezu/Ryo drabbles, I think, but the downside is that I don't think most of them are very satisfying in that they help me feel like I'm developing something. The one I like best out of them all is easily the one I wrote for two_if_by_sea, Cloudburst.
  • Story I'd Like to Revise: Bah. probably Everything That Falls. This is my answer to everything because I am clearly obsessed with this fic. I blame Glock and the fanart. *_*
  • What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in January 2005?? *stares* House. Hikaru. Stargate. TENIPURI. Basically ALL of them except H/D. I had no idea this was coming.
  • Conclusions: I really love Tezuka/Ryoma. I am capable of being a disciplined writer. I am productive when I'm happy! And I love Prince of Tennis.
  • Goals for this year: write more TezuRyo, and get more people to write it. Finish 30_kisses. Finish all the drabbles I owe people. Write Love Under Will.
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