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Orphne and I have been journal-surfing and talking of Tenipuri. And the journals we would like to make and the cool things we would like to do with them.

I have preens which I love and adore but do not use for anything except occasionally commenting to people and going *preens!* with it. Which is kickass. I was thinking that I could turn it into an Atobe journal, because Atobe would totally have preens as his username. But then all Atobe would do with it would be to post comments on other people's journals going *preens!* I would love to see that.

I also have hashira, which really is the best name for a Tezuka-centric journal in the whole wide world ever, and also a Tezuka/Ryoma-centric journal; only it can't be a Tezuka rpg journal because Tezuka would never call himself a pillar even if he is one. Though it would be awesome just to have two journals, one for Atobe and one for Tezuka, in which Tezuka never posted and Atobe kept commenting on his lj with *preens!* Oh, Atobe.

I should be in bed but now I am contemplating what to do with hashira. What should I do with Hashira? What do you guys want to do with all the fabulous extra lj names you have?

By the way, do people really think Orphne is me or is that just something Sam has started to make Orphne like her? It won't work, though. Orphne keeps trying to friend samenashi and I just keep logging into her lj and removing her. She will never be yours, Sam. Never.

My icon, which I love passionately, is from the most gorgeous TezuRyo fanart which mneomosyne drew me recently. "Buchou".... I have been wanting to write fic for this picture ever since I saw it. Alas for not having time to do anything but destress. I haven't even read Temeraire yet which is just this heinous heinous crime I can't properly think about right now. But what I really wanted to say is: oh gosh, this artwork is exquisite and I have been staring at it for days.

In keeping with the whole name thing, I have just renamed one of my other lying-around-not-doing-anything journals to bewildered. I wonder what I ought to do with it now.
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