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Guide to Tenipuri, Part 5: Where to Find It. + Fandom Resources.

Where to Find It & Other Resources

How to get the manga/anime/etc.
I. Manga availability.
II. Anime availability.
III. Musicals availability.
IV. Livejournal resources.
V. Other Fandom Resources:
     Information, Character Summaries, & Ep Guides.
     School Shrines
     Ship Manifestos
VI. Things I Love.

Thanks and Final Notes.

I. Manga availability.

(For *cough* other ways to obtain the manga and the anime through direct download, drop a comment in this post.)

English scanlations of the manga are most easily accessed at Stoptazmo. Stoptazmo has been known to have problems with corrupt files in the past. The manga scanlations are done by FET (Fruity Explosive Translations). FET's IRC forums - #fet @ irc.irchighway.net --are your best bet.

FET does not directly link to their downloads, but if you comment to this post and ask, I will give you a response which includes the links to various FET mirror sites which do. I will immediately screen the response in order to respect requests against direct-linking, so make sure you have your lj set to email replies before you comment.

There are currently 301 issues of the manga of Prince of Tennis. FET has scanlated up to 296, and the more recent issues are available in the raw (untranslated version) throughout various Tenipuri communities on livejournal. The newest raws are released fairly regularly at tenipuri and other places, and you should have little trouble finding the downloads if you hunt. For translations, again, Tenipuri comms are your best bet--but I personally love having mitethe on my friends list because she often does fabulous translations of the newest issues.

IMPORTANT! Do not, I repeat, DO NOT go to Borders and buy the published translation of the manga by VIZ. It sucks. They get names wrong, they muddle character relationships and dynamics, they get scores wrong, half the time it doesn't make any sense, it is notoriously awful. It's the worst argument ever made for the wholesome legal purchase of Japanese media. Download the manga instead.

Also, VIZ just this month finally acquired the distribution rights to the anime. Which means that the English dub of Tenipuri is going to be the most wretched and confusing thing you have ever seen. This also means that download sites may be pulling their files very shortly; hence part of the rush to finish this series of posts. YOU DO NOT WANT TO WAIT FOR THE ENGLISH DUB. Trust me. DOWNLOAD.

II. Anime availability.

(For *cough* other ways to obtain the manga and the anime through direct download, drop a comment in this post.)

Again, your best bet here is to go through IRC. Chiya got hers off Ebay. I got mine from my friend Dave. Where there's a will, there's a way. But, to get you started, I'm going to talk about torrent sites, because there are LOTS of torrent sites out there which have all or part of Prince of Tennis: the one I am linking to here is Scarywater.net.

In order to use torrents, you will first want to download a client, such as bittornado: http://www.bittornado.com/ or bitcomet: http://www.bitcomet.com/index.htm. Once that's done, the torrents are pretty simple. You go to a bittorent site such as Scarywater.net and download the torrent file. Then once it has downloaded, open the file, and choose where you want to save the actual anime file to on your computer. The torrent will then download, and this will cause a drain on your broadband, but for Anipuri, you will bear the burden. Note: if you are behind a Firewall your download might be unreasonably slow, in which case you will need to Port Forward: http://www.portforward.com/

III. The Musicals.

Information on procuring the musicals is available here. You must be a member of tenipuri_myu to see this post.

IV. Livejournal Resources:

  • General: tenipuri - This is the main Tenipuri fandom lj. If you want the latest general news plus assorted fanfics and most likely the manga raw uploads as soon as they're available, this is the place to go.

  • Art: pot_doujinshi. For all your Doujinshi and yaoi needs. you_got_gay, the Tenipuri fanart community.

  • Musicals: tenimusic: for general Tenipuri music posts. tenimuyo for info on the musicals. tenimyuenorondo for musical scans, and gekipuri for information and news on upcoming musicals. tenimyu_slash for Tenimyu RPS fans. Also, many of the Tenimyu actors keep blogs. Read the translations at thats_my_line.

  • Music: Mega Huge Song Upload of Doom. This is just what it says. You need to comment but other than that, you can pretty much GO CRAZY. mesmerisz also has a Huge Music Post along with other resources for the musicals and anime, which is a definite must-have on your links list.

  • Rajipuri: All 147 editions of the weekly Rajipuri radio broadcasts are available for download here. I had trouble with the file format but I seem to be the only one. The sheer immensity of this blows my mind. Also, orangewishes and xenium have made .wmv clips with translations for the Rajipuri CD Daisakusen and some of the mini-dramas.

    Episode Guides & Resources:
  • starlightstorm has a quite-comprehensive Episode Guide for the first 100 eps.
  • leviosa8 has a bunch of screencaps from the Chibipuri eps and other important eps, which may be found here in sarahofcroydon's memories.
  • prillalar has been steadily working through the Tenipuri eps and keeping a log of her thoughts and observations. The posts are tagged on her lj under http://www.livejournal.com/users/prillalar/tag/tenipuri+episodes. Note that her ships influence her observations and she is primarily a TezuRyo and InuKai shipper, but regardless of pairing preferences these are definitely worth checking out if you want an intellectual way in to the show.
  • amamiyarin has a complete List of Tenipuri birthdays--characters as well as voice actors and musical actors. petronia has a birthday list broken down by school, as well as other info from the 20.5 artbook.

    V. Other Fandom resources:

    Information, Character Summaries, & Ep Guides.
  • Prince of Tennis at Anime Chains. This is a really neat site that features among other highlights instructions on how to do the twist serve! :D
  • Raine's Archive. Contains a good episode guide as well as a rotating music download list and screencaps.
  • Youthful Days recently closed but still retains its content. It is a wealth of information on all schools and most of the characters, and contains good, if incomplete, basic intros to all the media. Be sure to check out the character interviews and profiles from the 10.5 fanbook while you're there.
  • PoT Info site featuring a basic rundown of everything that's out there in terms of tenipuri manga/anime/music, merchandise and so forth. Features a complete listing of all the tenipuri voice actors. Especially check out the list of Tenipuri fancards, because though the quality is something of a tease, it's about as complete a list as you're likely to find anywhere of all the bromides & trading cards in one place, and some of these scans are priceless.
  • CrackPoT. Hilarious, fun site featuring the PoT Diaries- an episode recap site complete with caps and all-too-accurate commentary--as well as doujinshi, fanart, and other things.

    These are books put out by Konomi which are full of additional information and interviews with the characters. There are three of them. It's hard to find the scans and the translations in one place, especially for 10.5, but I have scrounged up a bunch of links to translations of different parts where I can.
  • 10.5 Fanbook scanlations/info. Largely incomplete but there are some interesting scans of the character rooms and listing of the Seigaku bag checks, which you can also find here, here with some scans, and here.. There is also a complete rundown of the character profiles at Youthful Days.
  • Ouijisama - Captain Edition has a complete character profile list from the 10.5 fanbook. This is a sadly incomplete site BUT they also have a ton of bromide pics which are definitely entertaining.
  • 20.5. All-Stars has selected translation of parts of the 20.5 fanbooks including interviews. There is an overview here, a breakdown on the Hyotei section here and a Rikkai breakdown here. Also, Shinji!
    You can find a wealth of translations and commentary on these in supplanter's memories, but no one site/person seems to have it all in one place, so you're going to have to browse.
  • 30.5 leviosa8 has scanned 30.5 (with commentary, oh yes), here: PoT Artbook 30.5

  • Penal-Tea.net contains a variety of scanned doujinshi, music, and general information. Plus the Silver Pair are really hot.
  • Ore-Sama.Net. This site contains most of the direct translations of the PoT soundtracks and Rajipuri broadcasts. It's also just a fun place to go in general.
  • White Line has a full music and rajipuri database. This site is so loud. I love going to it just to play with the layouts.
  • Dreaming on the Radio. This is a fabulously thorough guide to the Radio Eps. Site owned by orange_wishes.
  • Gendou's Anime Music site. Download anything you can't find on suki_no_hikari's music post.
  • VICTORY: a tenimyu fanlisting - a site with the most comprehensive information on all the actors who have appeared in the Tenipuri Musicals. White Line also has a wealth of information on them.
  • Anime News Network's PoT Seiyuu page - features a ton of information on the Tenipuri voice actors.

  • Dragonfly - lots and lots of Tenipuri doujinshi (click Projects). Uses torrents.
  • Tenipuri Doujinshi - cute site with lots of Doujinshi, manga art scans, official anime art and screencaps, character summaries, and music downloads
  • Lamplighter - small PoT doujinshi scanlation group with a focus on Akira Hojo.
  • Aarin Fantasy's Prince of Tennis Yaoi Thread. 200+ pages of Tenipuri slash art.

    School Shrines:
  • Band of Princes - Seigaku Fanlisting.
  • Ice Ice Baby - Shrine to Hyotei.
  • Hyouteism
  • Rikkaization.

  • I think Happilmaster's artwork is among the most amazing and dynamic I've ever seen anywhere. She draws Oishi more beautifully than I've ever seen him, and the art-deco style Kaidoh/Eiji/GP panels are breathtaking. I can't rec this site enough.
  • Snowbunnyluv's chibi art is love.
  • Nayami-chan's Tenimyu portraits are so realistic that I watched a 20-minute animation of her art just so I could be convinced it wasn't a photoshopped image.
  • I had the Roaming Tenipuri artwork of Snow in Savannah saved in my official tenipuri art folder til last week because I didn't realize that it wasn't part of the official tenipuri bromides set. This artist is in a word, stunning. Her regular artwork may be found here. She has done a BUNCH of fanart for the musicals that are absolutely amazing; but the real treasure of this artist's collection is the work she has done for an AU RPG which transports the characters into a fantasy samurai world. The Roaming Tenipuri Art is easily some of the most amazing in the fandom.

    Ship Manifestos:
  • Oishi/Eiji.
  • Ohtori/Shishido.
  • Atobe/Tezuka.
  • Inui/Yanagi
  • Niouu/Yaguu
  • Sanada/Atobe.
  • Sanada/Yukimura.
  • Tezuka/Fuji.
  • Yanagi/Kirihara.
  • Fuji/Ryoma.

    Note--in making this list I have sought fics that do not contain major spoilers. What follows is at least one fic rec for each of the "major" ships in Prince of Tennis. This list was painful to make, because I can't rec many of my favorite fics here because they contain major spoilers. My life is hard.

    Genfic-- you get two each, because I can't help myself:
  • Seigaku: The Efforts of the Seigaku Tennis Team to Induce Laughter in Tezuka Kunimitsu by ilanabean. Also: Team Party by assyrian.
  • Hyotei: Contact Lens (Atobe-centric), by assyrian. And Rikkai-Hyotei ficlet (Jiroh-centric!) by refracting.
  • Rikkai: Rikkai-Seigaku Food Fight! by helga_b, and You Got Me by tongari (okay, this one isn't gen, it's more like, Yukimura/The World. But still.)

  • Oishi/Eiji (Golden Pair): Attached by thehoyden
  • Tezuka/Ryoma: The Freudian Sense by soundczech and "Perfect Strangers" by kessie. And just one more please: untitled drabble by alestar.
  • Inui/Kaidoh: The Jishin Series by tiamatv.
  • Inui/Tezuka: Real by gothiquelolita.
  • Momo/Kaidoh: Almost by kishmet.
  • Tezuka/Fuji: Volley by rageprufrock, and Parenthesis by sesame_seed. Also: Little Prince by yuki_scorpio.
  • Momo/Ryoma: call me old fashioned by aerie.
  • Fuji/Ryoma: Untitled by windsor. Also, The Fuji/Ryoma Revolution.
  • Taka/Fuji: Waiting by airairo.
  • Taka/Akutsu: Enigma by dearangelogata.
  • Fuji/Yuuta: 11 Days and One Night by werefox.
  • Yuuta/Mizuki: Balmy Days by dinghy.
  • Shinji/Kamio: Things Left Unsaid by i_chan. (also slight Momo/Kamio/Ann-chan, yay!)
  • Shinji/Ryoma: Grip by lisan.
  • Atobe/Tezuka: Every Good Boy Deserves Favour by prillalar
  • Atobe/Jiroh: Sleeping Habits by wishpaper
  • Oshitari/Gakuto: Gyaku by tiamatv. (Also Silver Pair, Atobe/Jiroh).
  • Ohtori/Shishido (Silver Pair): Duet: Andante by ayatsujik. There is a vague spoiler in this fic for a brief arc, anime continuity. Also: Snapshot Haiku: Taido by tiamatv.
  • Sanada/Atobe: Let's Dance by morphaileffect. (Tango Pair, remember?) :)
  • Sanada/Yukimura: Rubix Cube by postingwhore.
  • Sanada/Kirihara - Sunburnt by zauberer_sirin, and Change the World by morphaileffect.
  • Yukimura/Kirihara: Ampersand by rondaview. (This is possibly only slash in my head, but I love it, and so I rec.)
  • Yanagi/Inui: 'Summering' by tongari
  • Yanagi/Kirihara: Lost Boys by telegraph50free.
  • Niou/Yaguu (D1): Indivi/Duality by sesame_seed, Contra by refracting.
  • Power Triangle (Tezuka/Fuji/Ryoma): Pendulum and High Water Mark, by one_if_by_land.
  • Bonus - Power Square (Fuji/Tezuka/Ryoma/Yuuta): Extraneous Solutions by two_if_by_sea

    VI. Random things I love love love:

  • alestar's Chibi Adventures: Part One; Part Two; and Part 3!!!!!

  • The PoT Yaoi Relationship Chart by Xel. This is not only extremely well-drawn, but it is INCREDIBLY, HILARIOUSLY ACCURATE. LIKE. There is no tenipuri ship that goes unaccounted for here. AND THE COLOR CODING. No, I'm serious. This is more than just fanart. More than just a chart. It's the Tenipuri fandom in yellow, red, and green. I almost put this under "fandom resources", except that I love it too much, so it's here instead.

  • And finally...... SWAG.

    Thanks and Final Notes:

    Special thanks to the following people who wrote guest sections of this very involved post series, and provided lots and lots of helpful information: flyby, assyrian, and soundczech. Thanks also to orphne, and many many people from my friends list and the tenipuri community for directing me to a wealth of fandom resources.

    Some images have been liberally borrowed from rkold. I have used fanart by Snowbunnyluv and Weem. The very, very loose scanlation of Silver Pair versus Golden Pair was provided by sarahofcroydon. :D


    This guide to the tenipuri fandom has taken weeks to put together. In the process I have realized this fandom is bigger than even I had imagined. I don't expect anyone to read all six posts in this series, but I hope that you have at least found parts of it helpful!

    And of course, I hope that some of you may find yourselves falling as completely in love with the Gay Tennis Anime as I have. ♥

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    • Leviosa and the calling of Harry Potter

      You guys! So I went to leviosa2016 over the weekend and I guess the fruits of that labor are best summed up by the fact that i just…

    • Inception fandom, how I love you.

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    • Things and Sundry.

      We have surpassed the Kickstarter goal for Fight Like a Girl by a stunning $1,000!!!!!! I am in complete shock. Thank you to all of you. <3…