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Fic: Grounded.

This is a teensy bit of sap (and I do mean sap) for pillarchallenge. It isn't much, but it's for zauberer_sirin, alestar, and ssj10, who have all made my shipper heart very happy in different ways this week. Thank you each. ♥

Ryoma needs Buchou to kiss him right now, and obviously Buchou agrees, because the moment he drops his bags his hands are on Ryoma's sides and tightening. Ryoma stretches up and they kiss for ages and ages. Ryoma forgets how long Tezuka has been gone because the act of welcoming him home suddenly makes it seem as though it has been a very, very long time. Tezuka kisses Ryoma at his temple, below his ear, beneath his chin, as though he has missed all those parts of Ryoma and wants them now all at once. He slides his hands up Ryoma's shoulders and threads his fingers through Ryoma's hair. It does funny things to Ryoma's stomach, and he holds on tighter.

Afterwards, when they stop kissing long enough to actually look at each other, Tezuka is smiling. Ryoma nuzzles his neck, and Tezuka leans into him, his body long and lean and full against Ryoma's own. He rests his forehead against Ryoma's, and silence begins to stretch around them.

Ryoma wants to know how Tezuka's trip was; if he liked American food, if he enjoyed the city, if he missed Ryoma, if he went to the ramen stand on 64th street like Ryoma told him to. He wants to know if the flight was long. If Tezuka missed him. If Tezuka is glad to be home. Ryoma is restless without Tezuka around. He focuses on tennis, of course, but not much else. Tezuka coming home really feels like Ryoma coming home--it feels like succumbing to the Tezuka Zone in midair.

Tezuka shifts slightly, and Ryoma wonders if he is about to speak, but he doesn't break the silence; he only relaxes against Ryoma a bit further, pulling him closer. It is comfortable, and warm.

Ryoma thinks about Momo's reaction to the news that he and Buchou were dating: But what will you say? He guesses that maybe with other people, Momo would have a point. Maybe it should bother him more, the silences and the unspeakable spaces.

He looks up. Tezuka looks tired. His flight was probably long. He takes Tezuka's hand, intending to lead him somewhere else where he can relax and Ryoma can rub his shoulders and kiss him some more. Instead Tezuka's fingers tighten around his, and Tezuka kisses him again, deep and hard and unwilling to let go.

Ryoma changes plans and responds to the kiss by gripping Tezuka's collar and propelling him backwards until they are against the wall, flushed and out of breath. Ryoma likes the sounds they make against each other. He likes it like this. Tezuka's expression means he does, too.

He closes his eyes. Conversation can wait.
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