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Ficlet: Gilmore Girls!

asdfj;sadlkj I don't know what I'm doing. nailfile commented on my tezuryo ficlet with this icon, and suddenly I needed to write about Logan and Rory, and Logan and Jess and Rory. Because I should not be enjoying this season of the Gilmore Girls nearly as much as I am, but clearly Amy Sherman-Palladino has my reluctant heart forever.

"Your definition of 'the perfect afterglow moment' and mine are a little different," Logan says. His voice is light, but Rory can tell he is edgy.

"No, seriously," she says. "If another boy challenged you for my hand, what would you do?"

"That depends," he says, running his fingers over her shoulders. "Are we talking challenge as in, cage match? A jousting tournament? Prime-not-prime?"

Rory laughs. "No, and no more Atlantis for you, Huntzberger."

"Don't bring her into this, she's done nothing to you."

"Who knew one city could be such a homewrecker."

"A city or your mysterious knight errant, take your pick, Ace, so I can get on with the whole part where I defend your honor and rescue you from the castle."

"Would you?" Rory says as thoughtfully and casually as possible.

"Would I what?" In the soft, clean lighting of their bedroom, Logan's skin is barely flushed. He never looks unpolished, even after sex. When he twists on the bed and smiles he suddenly reminds her of Tristan. She rolls over and stares at the ceiling, unnerved.

"Would you fight for my honor? If someone came to you and told you, 'I like your girlfriend, I'm going to win her away from you.'"

Logan is silent for a moment. "I'd probably tell him I liked his guts. And that I'd trust you to make your own decision."


"What, too anticlimactic?"

"No," says Rory. "Very practical. Much more so than a jousting tournament."


"No shows of bravado, no spontaneous renderings of 'The Girl is Mine?'"

Trista--Logan cracks a grin. "Rory, I love you, but nothing is worth Michael Jackson. I'm sorry."

Rory smiles, a little unevenly. "So what would you do?" she says. "If he really tried to make a move?"

"Not much I could do," Logan says, looking at her intently. "If you wanted to let him, that is."

She glances over at him, momentarily stunned, and then laughs. "No--there's no one, trust me. Galahad is nonexistent."

Logan relaxes. "Good," he smirks. "My stocks just went down--I wasn't really looking to buy anyone off this week."

"What if you couldn't buy him off?" she says reflexively.

Logan blinks and then chuckles, a bit derisively, Rory thinks. He leans over her and kisses the nape of her neck, and she thinks, before she can help it, We used to make fun of guys like you.

She wonders as he slides the strap of her nightgown down her arm, what it felt like to be that girl. She can't remember. She wonders if she wants to remember.

"Rory, everyone has a price," Logan says, following the curve of her shoulder with his lips.

"Not everyone," she says.

He looks up at her and smiles, brilliantly. "Maybe not in Star's Hollow," he says. "But in my world, they do."

She smiles. "And I'm in your world, right?"

"Definitely right," he says, and slides his hands over her waist.

When he kisses her, she lets him, and tries not to wonder what Jess would think.
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