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Wah. *pokes friends list*

Need Tezuka/Ryoma.

Here. Shall give you inspiration in the form of fanart:

1. gorgeous. The website is Saichin's, and it is amazing. The Tenipuri art is in the second column.
2. pretty.
3. totally notworksafe (and, uh, channish), and with far more kink than can possibly be in-character. - art by Yara at Going Zero.
4. sweet, and smutty. Art by Ice System, and, like. Okay. There nearly one hundred and fifty TezuRyo pieces at this website. I just kept browsing and browsing, and, like. I didn't think I'd ever come to the end. Absolutely amazing. And the art is wonderful.

5. Speaking of fanart, attics has drawn me some! It is Tezuka and Ryoma, and it is lovely, and the detail in Attics' art reminds me strongly of ametatsu when she does one of her rare, glorious pieces of art; and the expressions on their faces make me all wibbly and wistful inside. It is fabulous and I adore it.

And also in the form of fic recs:

  • Horizons by seii_ryu. A quick, quiet little ficlet.

  • Five Minutes Early and Perfect Strangers, as previously recced, by kessie. LOVE this.

  • Fading With the Tide by un_voyage_cher. Lovely, dreamy and haunting AU fairytale. I love Cher's writing style.

  • To Declare My Love by soundczech. And I kid you not, I just wrote "To Declare My Love for soundczech." I can and I do. This fic is brilliant like everything else Starla writes. Go read it. Also, go check out the unfinished cookie she wrote, equally brilliant. See if you can convince her to write more of it. :D

  • Not a fic, but a Valentine from storyteller.

  • Oh, and since you can never have enough crack fic from Harry/Draco writers who have crossed over :D, Pillared. This is adorable, even without the fluffy pink pillow of love.

  • Revolutions by flyby, for the pillarchallenge no-dialogue challenge.

  • Little Things by aziraphale_mel, also for pillarchallenge.

  • Over the Wires by kishmet, and. Oh my god. this is exactly what I meant when I said "NO DIALOGUE," people: chat transcript love. Seriously. Ria did it, and now Kish, and I am going to implode from glee.

  • Pillars by arithion. THIS IS LOVELY. Wah.

  • Curiosity by weirdlyyours. Brief, canonical, and really nice. Plus I am always a sucker for Tezuka's glasses glinting.

  • SPEAKING OF H/D FANS WRITING CRACK. This fic totally fucking wins at being exactly the kind of hallogenic substance-induced writing this fandom and this ship desperately need more of. Gravitation by achifuckingasa. That's right. It's.....

    Protective Bonds. Tennis-Style.

    I love it so much I can't even squee properly.

  • zauberer_sirin wrote two counter-fics a while back. One of them I'd read before; the other one I hadn't. Taken apart they're lovely, but taken together, they're something even more: 1. Light Sleepers. 2. Silence.

  • I got a bunch of lovely gifts from people on a post I made a while back asking for Prince of Tennis drabbles. Since people know the way to my heart, I was showered with Tezuka/Ryoma, and the result is just this truly wonderful cheer-up bouquet of fic:
        "Sublime". This is the unofficial title I'm giving to alestar's drabble, because it is. It is amazing, and wonderful, and perceptive, and heartwrenching and guttwisting and a million fabulous things at once that I absolutely had forgotten drabbles could be since the last time I read one of prillalar's. This is one of my favorite fics ever. If you don't read it I will CRY. Gah. I might just cry rereading it now. I wish I knew how to say why this ficlet is so powerful.

        Valentine present by un_voyage_cher. More crackfic! Starring Atobe. And Ryoma. And a BRIGHT RED BOW. I love this woman.

        Question - the unofficial title I have given to this drabble by shushesyou, whom I cajoled into getting an LJ just so she could have a place to write more engrossing and wonderful ficlets like this one. I love this. :((

        Untitled by lovedoesthat. Which is mostly TezuRyo but also mostly Fuji. Fanservice for both of us. Also, it's really good, and really hot, as only Fujific can be. ♥

        Untitled message ficlet by emcyclopedia. Mmm, smut!

        In honor of my bad hair day, telegraph50free wrote brilliant bald!Tezuka fic. Hilarious. ALSO: BAD HAIR MOMO/KAI from Marks, which just totally rocks everything ever.

        one_if_by_land, who turns everything she touches into alabaster, wrote two ficlets, one gen and one TezuRyo, which are both haunting and... the best word I can come up with is stirring. I have been thinking about these ficlets all week, especially the second one. She has that effect on me. The first is pure joy as only Seigaku can be. The second is just about as subtle and beautiful and still and wonderful as this pairing can be. And I know how Bing feels about TezuRyo, so my love for it is doubled. Gorgeous, gorgeous writing.

        kissing fic. Oh, gosh. kishmet wrote this and I'm still breathless. God, the last line. And whenever Ryoma is impatient pieces of me shrivel up and start writhing in ecstasy.

    soundczech has written two companion fics to Playing Grownups, which, again, is phenomenal and beautiful and towering, and which you must must must read if you haven't yet, no matter what you ship.

    One is Fuji/Fuji, and it is gorgeous and heartbreaking and unrequited and awful and wonderful, just like I secretly think Fujicest should always be even though I quiver and rec fluff fic. In Girls' Rooms. Oh, Fuji.

    The other is Fuji/Ryoma and is backstory for the FujiRyo relationship in Playing Grownups from Ryoma's point of view. And. And. Oh:

    Fuji says that Ryoma isn’t nearly as obvious as he thinks he is. Ryoma
    feels like he’s been hitting twist serves into Tezuka’s face for months.

    Wah. In Photographs. Go read.

  • And, finally, because I can: nopejr (who remains brilliant) sums up all of prince of tennis in 100 characters.

    Other Ships:
    Never Again - Power Triangle (Tezuka/Fuji/Ryoma) by sesame_seed. Oh, how I loved this fic, and you know how I feel about Tezuka/Fuji. Argh. But this: oh, this:

    He plays tennis like the weight of the world rests on the outcome, proud and ungiving as if leading a holy crusade. Ryoma's never met anyone who takes as much fierce joy in the sport as he does himself, but Tezuka fights for something that goes beyond joy into exaltation; losing to him is a revelation, death by fire and being reborn again from the ashes. Ryoma is used to looking down on people; when he looks at Tezuka, he can't see anything but sky.

    I just. Want to write that on my heart forever.

    I really like tongari's Rikkai fic, particularly Summering (Inui/Yanagi).

    Pushing Forward, Pulling Back, by marksykins. In which another HP fan succumbs to the love of the Golden Pair and writes utterly wonderful fic. Gosh, these two. This is a lovely bit of irresistible sweetness. Just like they are themselves.

    Duet: Andante by ayatsujik. P.S. I'm assuming you've all read her TezuRyo fic, "Shinkokyuu," but if you haven't, it is a must-read. Or--oh, hell, *points to her memories and waves you over*

    Almost by kishmet. Momo/Kai. Possibly my favorite non-TezuRyo rec of the month. I LOVE THIS. Who knew Valentines day fluff could be this in-character. *_*

    Grip by lisan. Or possibly this one. Because. SHINJI.

    I will leave you with one more piece of art by Saichin because I love her art and she can't be recced enough: A Family Portrait. ♥
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