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Gratuitous use of the lj-cut tag and this post is still too long!

Hoi, hoi!

Things that are good tonight!!!!

Well, first, let me start off with #1 on the list of things that are Not Good: mice with human ears. D:


1) Fic! Specifically, refreshing my tezuryo filter and seeing suddenly three Tezuka/Ryoma fics there all at once, right before I am going to bed! One of which is kishmet's latest ficlet, which she hast to turn into something longer because if she doesn't I will bite my nails off in a frenzy because of all the tension that is generated by Tezuka being forced to stand that close to Ryoma in public for an extended amount of time without being able to touch him. Ahhhhh. Where was I? Oh, right. Good things.

2) MORE FIC! Specifically, this fic. Separation Issues by first-time author shushesyou, which I had the privilege of betaing. This is a very well-done look at Seigaku and Ryoma, set post-anime canon. ♥ shushesyou, I am so glad you got a livejournal!!!! Go. Read and encourage more of the same.

3) Fanart. Have two Tezu/Ryo art recs: Kukazatou, whose work is absolutely adorable and endearing and really, really nice; and Nekomori. Her gallery is here; the Tenipuri pics are in the second grouping on the left, and they are. Stunning.

4. The past perfect tense. Let me just say that I have had something like five conversations this week about the use of perfect tense. What on earth is that, you ask? LET ME TELL YOU. In Tenipuri fandom especially I notice people have a tendency to switch tenses often in the middle of a fic, in the middle of a paragraph, sentence, etc. Sometimes it's intentional for stylistic reasons, and sometimes it's accidental, because the author is talking about the past so they naturally switch to the past tense.

This, however, is incorrect! When you are writing in present tense, the past perfect tense should always be used to talk about the past. What are past perfect verbs, you ask?

The perfect tense is the form "has been" or "had been" in place of "is" or "was." The present perfect form of "is" is "has been." The past perfect form is "had been." Anytime you're in present tense and you switch over to the past for a short time period, you should always use past perfect forms of verbs ("had done" instead of "did," etc.). The exception to this is when you are writing a significant section of the fic that is set in the past. Then you can switch over fully into the past tense, using past perfect verb tenses to smooth your way in and out. Think of them as like border patrol for your two tenses. If you're not really planning on crossing the border into a major scene set in the past, then you should only use past present verbs while you're talking about things that happened in the past - this allows you to keep your overall fic in the present tense.

Thus ends the grammar segment of this post. I LOVE PERFECT TENSE.

5. Battlestar Galactica. BSG is fucking amazing. I had no idea. It's so intense. And so good. And, like. Confusing and Scary and Metaphorical. And good. And the characterizations are amazing, and the effects are amazing, and the plot is amazing, and the soundtrack is amazing, and. And. Yeah. :|

6. My *cough* community.

Wallace Stevens: it bugs me when people name their comms "HOUSE_EPS" or "BSG_EPS" or "POT_EPS"
Wallace Stevens: why not name it ban_us_brad
William Carlos Williams: adfklafdjklfda
William Carlos Williams: NAME IT THAT

If you are interested at all in helping me *cough* procure the necessary ingredients for *cough* said community, then post here and I will *cough* let you in on said community's whereabouts, so we can begin, er, procuring. I'm hoping to open the community within the next two weeks. And holy shit, that brings me to nice thing #7:


8. The 16 PoT eps that Orphne is going to upload for me now that I have made this post like she asked me to. ;;)

9. The pillarchallenge this week is "Letters!" I can't wait. Epistolary fic is among my favorite fic EVER.

10. And finally on the list of things that are good tonight: yogurt. Mmmmmmmm. I never realized how good yogurt could be. Organic food craze, where have you been all my life?

I really am going to bed now. I blame Battlestar Galactica for the fact that I am still awake. Oh, Boomer. :(( Oh, Starbuck. OH, SIX. NEVER STOP WEARING THAT RED DRESS.
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