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Fic Rec! Facing Forward by flyby. Tezuka & Ryoma, pre-slash. Anime continuity.

And this makes three times in the last year I've gone, "this is the best thing Chiya has ever written." But seriously. This is the best thing Chiya has ever written. And I say that about someone who, across three years and two fandoms, has always been one of my favorite writers. This is a must-read. It's a beautiful interpretation of post-canon, and the tennis matches just blew me completely away.

Languages from across the world murmur around the courts as Tezuka takes win after win; they make him work for his points, but only two come close to beating him. By the time coaching begins, on the Monday, there is respect in their eyes when they look at him. It makes Tezuka uncomfortable in a way that Seigaku never has.

Facing Forward.


I know that this whole posting of TezuRyo recs is getting old, especially since most people reading Tezuka/Ryoma already are reading the people I'm reccing. But back when I was in the heyday of my participation in the H/D fandom, I recced fics all the time, both because I'd read fic and get excited, and because I wanted to encourage new authors, especially. Fic reccing is for me, and for the fic author, as much as it is for the intended reading audience. I rec things to show my respect for fics and authors I love. I rec things to share my passion. And, specifically in this fandom, the Prince of Tennis fandom, I rec to encourage the writing of more fics. I believe wide reccing and reviews of fics that are already written for a pairing encourages more fic, especially more quality fic, for that pairing to be written.

That said, I've been wondering if it's really a necessary medium, if there are only a handful of people out there reading a handful of fics by the same handful of authors.

It's weird, treating TezuRyo the way I've always treated H/D. Just because the mastiff eats the T-bone steak doesn't mean you can feed it to the chihuahua.

Uh. I'm going to bed.
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