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for Kenboy (congratulations!)

...and for everyone who has complained (like me!) that Tezuka and Ryoma just don't talk:

Screencap Recap: Episode 63, which is currently my favorite episode ever for just this reason.

No comment on the rampant innuendo here, because good subtext needs no elaboration. ^_^

What's wonderful, absolutely wonderful, about this sequence is the tone of their voices, which I really wish you guys could hear. Tezuka starts off being very stern, Buchou-like. But Ryoma just keeps chatting him up, and by the time Tezuka's like, "your serve," his tone has completely lightened and relaxed, and stays that way, very casual and calm, until the end of this sequence. We so rarely, rarely hear Tezuka with the edge out of his voice. This is a really unique moment, and I love that it only happens when he's with Ryoma. Ryoma brings that out in him because Ryoma is irrepressible. As you can see from the way Tezuka acts a few panels below.

Anyway, I ramble, they play, Ryoma :o! Hits Tezuka a shot he can't return!

Tezuka's impressed. And trying not to smile.

Ryoma, enboldened by having scored his first ever point off his idol, feels empowered enough to flirt:

This time Tezuka totally cracks a smile.

So they play, and as if we needed the reminder, we get our umpteenth flashback to the NETKISSING! Pillar of Support moment, which is canon's way of telling us that Tezuka and Ryoma really like this position, because they both think about it ALL THE TIME:

And Ryoma looks really hot and smug here which is probably why Tezuka decides the match needs to end right now because he doesn't need the distraction.

*flail* The way Tezuka says this. His tone of voice, so light and bantering and friendly and open, and there's maybe even a touch of self-mockery there, too. Oh, yes, Tezuka. Ryoma is going to analyze you all night long. What.

AND HERE WE GO. OH YES. LOOK AT THIS. "Mada mada, ka?"


At this point, Ryoma is absolutely hilarious: he drops his voice down about 3 notches, changes his expression into the cute! so so cute! stern!face we see below, and mocks Tezuka right back.

Honestly, the way he says "Yudan sezu ni ikou" here is priceless. One of the best Ryoma moments ever. *_* Oh, Ryoma.

Tezuka responds by not laughing on the inside, really shifting instantly back into Buchou Mode. Which is good because he's about to play the match of his life, and he knows it, and Ryoma, unintentionally, has just reminded him of that. Ryoma thinks he's just gotten one up on Tezuka, and smirks in satisfaction. 'Hmph,' he says. Aja falls in love and runs around in circles squealing.

When they arrive back at the court, Tezuka wants Ryoma to stay bench coach. Because now it's time to analyze Tezuka.

Ryoma can't wait.


This is how they act around each other when other people aren't there. This is how they challenge and push each other automatically, like it's par for the course, no big deal, don't even have to think about it. It's just how they are, what they are to each other. And I think this is one of the most revealing moments in canon for them both.
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