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I've always thought that Atobe's saying "Tezuka, sorry to make you wait" to Tezuka in ep 140-141 was a bit odd, because it's the start of the program and it seems a little apropos of nothing.

So just now, because I am that obsessed, I went back and compared it with what Tezuka says to Atobe in the middle of ep 67. "Sorry to make you wait, Atobe."

The Japanese is exactly the same both times.

Hee. I love all the structural parallels in this series, and that was one tiny one that delights me. And of course it's so like Atobe, in his ongoing quest to create a Special Connection with Tezuka, to use his own words just to let him know that he hasn't forgotten anything about that match. Ahhh. I love this show. Just thought I'd share. ♥

Also, because I can, here is your random tenipuri screencap of love for the day:

Eeeee. Seigaku Family is where I want to live. Lookit Eiji. Lookit everyone so happy to see Tezuka but more importantly, LOOKIT EIJI AND RYOMA. THE HUGGING. BECAUSE RYOMA IS EIJI'S OCHIBI. *_* Ahhhh. I love how Ryoma's not even protesting, he's just totally resigned to his role as Eiji's personal teddybear at this point in the series (and also he has more important things to focus on like TEZUKA). Ahhhhhhh So much love, so much. *_*
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