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I have lots of Tenipuri Recs, because I haven't really done a recs post of significance since Feb. 25. Many of these are from bunches of different pairings, which I think is a result of lots of fandom newcomers helping themselves to pairings like kids in the candy store. :D



  • Only You by kishmet. This is short and full of sizzle. It's pre-slash and I am still sticking to my guns about wanting more in this universe. Kish is such a great writer. Everything she touches is full of emotion, and in tezuryo you can't have enough. :D

  • Facing Forward by flyby. I know I already recced this fic once, I totally don't care. I. Love. This. Fic. If you haven't read this fic yet then where the bloody hell are you? 1

  • Paper Clips by lindra. I recced this fic the other day but it was accidentally hidden behind a cut tag so I'm reccing it again. This is lovely, lovely in-character fic mixed with the absolute delight that characterizes the tenipuri universe. paperclips, tezuka, and ryoma, and this is just. perfect fluff without being overwrought. i would give anything for more fics like this.

  • Title: The Internet is the Most Fun You Can Have Without Taking Your Clothes Off and sequel, A Lesson In I.P. Address Tracking by storyteller. So much crack in one place. Yessssssssss.

  • A State of Ill Repair by kessie. In which there is rainkissing, oh yes.

  • Choice by kessie. Again one I've already recced but I can't rec it enough. Letterfic for pillarchallenge and this is a fic with such an interesting pairing dynamic and such an interesting look at Tezuka. It deserves to be read and reread. ♥

  • Untitled netkissing drabble by raquia. NETKISSING! also, guh. this is short but sultry. mmmm.

  • It's a Secret. By Kish. In which Oishi is the biggest inadvertent gossip ever, just like canon. :D

  • Strings by kessie. Short. Lovely. Rich with love. I love her fic. :(

  • Untitled Shower Scene by hydaspes. In which there is Tezuka and Ryoma and a shower and a towel, and I don't think I need to rec this any further.

  • Manipulation by kishmet. Fuji matchmakes and I die of glee. omg. Yes.

  • Rituals by flyby. I think this might be my favorite favorite fic on this list that isn't Facing Forward, and I almost forgot it!!! So I need to rec it twice as hard. CHIYA I AM FULL OF LOVE FOR YOU. AND EVERYONE ELSE SHOULD BE TOO. :(( Tezuka and Ryoma need to give each other grape candy and tennis games forever. :(((((((( I love them so. ♥

    Other Pairings:

  • "A Team of Experts" by soundczech. I can't believe I am just now reccing this. WTF is wrong with me. I love this fic. This fic is Momo/Kai perfection. This is them. This is love. This is READ THIS RIGHT NOW.

  • Fitting Together by kishmet. Fuji/Eij! (Dream Pair!) - fabulous look at their potential. :)

  • Married Life by kishmet. Momo/Kai and heartwarming, fun, and sweet.

  • Two more lovely MomoKai and Fuji/Eiji drabbles by Kish. ♥

  • untitled Tezuka and Fuji, fabulous snippet of characterization of both of them by telegraph50free.

  • Dome by aziraphale_mel. God I love this fic. Complete with Echizen looming in the background - this is really the only way I can ever believe in this pairing, and this way it's just. Oh. Exactly like it should be. Anon who was complaining about lack in-character Tezuka/Fuji? I am looking at you. Why the fuck are there no comments on this fic. *shakes fist*

  • Akutsu/Sengoku - Shower Scene. by raquia. Oh mygod why is this so hot. So hot. I don't particularly like Sengoku, either. This fic still put stars in my eyes.

  • Shooting Stars Are Cliched by seii_ryu. Fuji/Sakuno. Yes, you heard right. Fuji/Sakuno with implied TezuRyo, and all ensuing implications of angst for Fuji and Sakuno. This is-- really interesting. Definitely worth checking out.

  • Cat's Cradle by seii_ryu. Fujicest hetfic! well. possibly not quite Fujicest but Yumiko and Fuji. but really well done.

  • More Fuji/Yumiko by the ever-talented vanillafire. Beautifully written. This isn't a pairing I thought I'd like but in her hands it sparkles.

  • Live a Little by infinitys_tale. Eiji and Oishi as first years. This fic is adorable, poignant, and sweet, and them. Read read read. I totally gacked this rec from cimness, who has good taste. *_*

  • 90% Perspiration by prillalar. Can I rec this fic enough? No. It's not possible. Just not possible. Did I mention it's MomoKai + FUDOMINE? IT'S ALMOST LIKE THE MOMO/KAIDOH/FUDOMINE ORGY OF MY DREAMS. It even has the sweat. READ THIS OR FUJI WILL CUT YOU.

  • Untitled Sanada/Yukimura ficlet by hydaspes. This is another pairing I only get lots of mileage out of when it's well-written. And this is one of those times. Really very very pretty.

    Post-305 fic!
    - which gets its own category because 1) Spoilers for manga, and 2) Ore-sama is in a class by himself.

  • Unforgettable by storyteller. And then what happened.
  • The Way It Should Have Been by branchandroot. This is absolutely hilarious, and will be a much-needed salve for the wounds of those who felt Atobe got the shaft (er, perhaps I should say the cut) at the end of the last issue. Also featuring fanart by my tenipuri hero, ssj10. Be awed!!!!

    1. no offense against uptight Americans intended

    Have I mentioned that all but two of these fics have been churned out in the last three weeks?? I never thought in the nine months I've been loving Prince of Tennis that I would ever ever say this? but SLOW DOWN FANDOM. I CAN'T KEEP UP WITH YOU. :D :D :D :D


    OOOH! Prince of Tennis chat, Saturday 5pm EST! BE THERE OR RYOMA WILL SHAVE YOUR HEAD.
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