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Prince of Tennis Fanart Recs.

I have been wanting to do these for the longest.

Tezuka/Ryoma Fanart - My Absolute Favorites (so far!), in no particular order:

I basically always have to start with Maple Cafe, because she makes me that happy. To navigate: click the middle of the three links to the right of the picture. This will take you to her work. The far left column is for comics (god I wish I spoke Japanese!) and hit count/gift art. The middle column is the fanart, which you will want to look at until your eyes bleed. The right column is fic.

Saichin. is. amazing. Also, holy shit.

2. Citron.
Oh, Citron. I love Citron's art so very much. There's something so joyously OTP about it. It's just infectious. And, oh. This is maybe my favorite picture ever of Tezuka. (And An!!!!!!!) Also, please note that the file name for this picture is "Nationals." Seriously, so much love.

To navigate: Click on the name "Citron" at the top of the main index. A java window will come up. Click "ILLUST" in the top right-hand corner. Ignore the stuff in the frame on the left (unless you read Japanese) and follow the links in the sidebar on the right. Citron also has gift art all over J-fandom that isn't to be found on her own site, such as here, for example. Be sure you always check out the gift art sections of J-artists (but don't, you know, steal, miscredit, or mislabel). Citron is unmistakable.

3. Pulse. Pulse is currently my favorite fanartist, because not only is her artwork brilliant, provocative, sexy, sweet, beautiful, and creative; not only is she possessed with the ability to get voice actors to do drama cds to her fanart (!!!!!!!!!!); but she wrote me back the loveliest email in response to my fangirling, and proceeded to tell me the translation behind said drama cd comic, and all about the Tezuka/Ryoma near-kiss that didn't make it onto the dvd of the winter Hyotei musical. She ended her letter by saying "Please make Zukaryo known even to foreign countries." I think this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. *_* Thank you so much, Pulse!!!!! (note - her art site is a bit odd in Firefox - you might need to mouse over and select/highlight the fanart area so you don't miss lots of art.)

4. Antiox. Oh my god there's not enough portrait art here. What little there is is intoxicating. But even without it Antiox has my heart because her manga fanart is to die for. *points to icon* She makes canon look even slashier than it already is. To navigate: click "Enter". "Impressions" will take you to the manga art. "Gallery" takes you to the fanart.

5. Happilmaster (H-15). H-15. Oh my god where to begin. I guess with the part where she takes your breath away.

Happilmaster is, like. the Motherlode of Tenipuri fanart. It's so fucking good. Seriously. So good you want to die. Seriously, have you ever seen Oishi - Oishi! - look this sexy before? No. No you haven't. And the tennis action shots, oh my god. And I haven't even gotten to the TezuRyo yet. Oh my god, is that honey? AND HOLY SHIT KAIDOH SHOULD ALWAYS BE A KITTEN. :((

To navigate, click on the big yellowish recycle sign. Then click on Works. Under S-S the sections are all single portraits of different characters. Under A-D they're all shippy. Under A-T they're sort of a mishmash, mostly other schools and neko art. YES NOTE WHOLE SECTION DEVOTED TO CAT EARS. God, Happilmaster. *FLAIL*

6. Kakuzatou.
Kakuzatou's art is full of color and vibrance and sparkly love. There is so much to love about her portraits of Tezuka and Ryoma. And I think her group art may be my favorite fanart yet.

7. Nei Asami. More than any other TezuRyo fanartist I think Nei Asami comes closest to art realism. She was the very first fanartist that I discovered, and every time I return to her site I find more reasons to love her. I could look at her portraits of Tezuka all day, and that's not even counting the cows. :D This picture is the basis for one of my favorite fanart icons ever, and the filename for this pic always makes me smile. :D Her TezuRyo art is lovely. To Navigate: uh. There is art everywhere. The newest art is on the main page. The sidebar panels take you respectively to the following sections: Tezuka portraits, Ryoma portraits, TezuRyo fanart, Seigaku fanart, Hyotei fanart, Rikkai fanart, other schools, Tezuka!cow fanart :D, animated .gif art, and last but not least, flash art. And then there's this link which I'm not even sure how I got to, which houses the art diary and a shitload more art plus icons, etc, and, gah, this site is hard to navigate. But it's worth it.

(P.S. I don't need to read Japanese to know that this is totally what happened right after Ryoma got off that bus.)

8. HisanaM. Yes. This is the artist you've been seeing everywhere and drooling at without knowing the source, because her art is repasted all over the place without credit. Yes, that's really her who did the red threads pic. And the karupin pic from karupin.net. All the paneled pics you see on this site are pictures which are, to the best of my knowledge, gift art which was made available on other sites. Some of it is still up on the web, some of it isn't, but most of it is being passed around on anime art forums. In any case, it's all by HisanaM, and it's all gorgeous.

9. Ice System, aka Ism.

There's a charm to Ism's art that I can't explain in words. She's fucking done so much and it's all so high-quality and full of such warm shivery good feelings. This is probably the most prolific artist in J-fandom. I just went back today and discovered she'd posted a shitload of art even since I was there 2 weeks ago, and also that I'd completely missed a bunch of art I thought I'd already collected, because there's just that much of it. She's seriously amazing. At first the unpolished quality of her art took a bit to warm to, but it's so much a part of her style, and her style is just so great that you quickly get over it. And it's so tender. Tezuka and Ryoma can't keep their hands off each other in her art, it's the best thing ever. ♥_♥ oh Ism. Also? She's getting better and better all the time.

Also Holy shit Fila bag. o.O

To Navigate: Uh. It doesn't matter what link you click, you're going to find art. This is the main navigation page. Don't lose it, because you will get so utterly lost in the fact that there is art, more art, and still more art!!! that you may forget to click back to the beginning.

10. Ewig. To navigate, click "Pict", then click the link at the top right of the page that says "Pict (TOP)." I feel like Ewig's is the best and most polished art out of all that I love in the stylized artists like Curelyze and Orangeade, the color artists like Love Egoist, and the uberfluff artists like Chao. There's something utterly irresistible about Ewig. Also! Check out the Samurai Sr. section and explore it to find lovely moments like AU Boyband TezuRyo! *_*

Tezuka/Ryoma - other Recs:

  • Chao. Everyone loves Chao, and it's not hard to see why. To navigate, enter, then click the top banner, the one with the tennis ball. Then click the 2nd link in on the nav panel at the top; then the top link on the sidebar, which will open up the frame for her art.

  • Xerophyte. This artist is so - I guess the word is unexpected. Gorgeous detail and fun in all her work.

  • Cherry Stone. there's so much tenderness in this artist.

  • Stoicism Empire. The artwork is gorgeous. There's also something vaguely creepy about it, which I love. But really the point of this rec is thatTezuka and Ryoma should always carry guns.

  • Aone. This artist is soaring and lovely. I love the color, and the breezy character of this art. To navigate: hit enter, then click the bottom dark blue text on the left.

  • Curelyze. Curelyze grows on you like kudzu. I was kind of 'er?' about the sylization at first. Now I love it.

  • DD*Web. I secretly hope that if we all go here and up the hit count, the artist will draw us more of the same.

  • Love Egoist. Beautiful, beautiful Tezuka, Ryoma, and and Tezuka/Ryoma. I love this artist's use of color. :((

  • Kokoan. Kokoan reminds me a lot of Kakuzatou in the sketch-style character of her portraits, and the use of color. But there's something still that sets this artist apart.

  • Tact Kayahara (Aqua World). oh god this art is so borderline chan. And ahhhhh, I I adore it anyway.

  • Nomumaki. Nomumaki's style is very very similar to Chao's - Stylish. Winning.. Adorable. Fun. To navigate, enter, then click Pict. FMA art is on the left, TezuRyo on the right.

  • Orangeade. This artist reminds me strongly of Curelyze, only with a bit more flair of execution and warmth.

  • Sentimental. I love the rough, edgy, raw side of this artist. But there are surprising moments of tenderness, too.

  • Going Zero. Yara. Oh, Yara is fabulous. A cross between the sharp lines and planes of Happilmaster and the oh-my-god-so-pervy-it-must-be-wrong feel of Aquaworld. I totally love it. To navigate: Click enter, then bypass "gallery" and click the bar immediately below it. That will take you to the TezuRyo art index.

    Other Fanartists.

  • Egoistic Honey. To Navigate: Enter -> works. Then the het art is the tiny ryoma on the left, slash art is the cardboard box on the right. What's there: Lots and lots of Ryoma/Sakuno. Don't give me that look, it's gorgeous. And there's an Eiji/Tomo as well which delights me. Also Tachibana An, also known as oh fuck yes. The slash section also has lots of Ryoma/Ryoga, and be sure you check out the Junk art section, which is often where I find the pieces I like best. ♥

  • Happy Page by fresisui. For Golden Pair & Seigaku love. Also, Hikaru no Go and Harry Potter!!! (Also, there's a stunning Fred/George piece in the gift art section for Happy Page that I'm 99% certain is by seviet. Holy shit fandom crossover like woah.)

  • Tenipuri Gallery by Shahar. The art here is amazing. To Navigate: Click on "Garally." The purple Ponta can is all finished color art. The first section is portraits, the second is pairings (lots of Momo/Ryoma among others), and the last is Ryoma/Everyone group shots. The Chibi Art here is worth the visit alone. The green Ponta can is all cg'd sketches, mostly portraits and pairing shots. The blue Ponta can is the art diary, which is full of hilarious color comic sketches that make me wish I knew Japanese.

  • Matsushita. So. Utterly. Gorgeous. To navigate, follow the arrows down and click enter, then click "Gallery" and pick your poison.

  • Mikado. In which for once Tezuka gets to be the slut. Full of gorgeous Inui/Tezuka and Oishi/Tezuka, but mostly Tezuka: Tezuka being gorgeous and heartwrenchy and beautiful in general. This artist clearly worships Tezuka so much that I don't even mind the lack of Ryoma on this site. And how could I, when the alternatives look like this. Guh. Also, this picture is just about one of the most perfect things ever.

  • Aizou Right, I can't not rec this site because the art is gorgeous and there's a shitload of it. To navigate, click on Ryoma's face and then scroll down til you see "etc絵: ∟TOP". This site is kind of weird in firefox; you should be able to see a whole bunch of numbered links, which will take you to all kinds of disturbingly attractive Ryoga/Ryoma and Eiji/Ryoma fanart. I seem to have stumbled into the Ryoma/Ryoga section of J-fandom. My brain hurts so much. Why, why, why. But anyway, site = full of fanart, you should check it out, especially if you like Eiji/Ryoma. (And really, who doesn't.)

  • Dadamine. Lots of gorgeous Momo/Ryoma. To navigate enter, then click the top link on the sidebar. The art is below "IMG" - the solid blocks are comics, the open blocks are art. And don't get lost in the Sim site like I did. Tezuka and Ryoma had a horrible fight and Ryoma ran off to Momo and fell in love and had a baby and I'm still traumatized. :((

  • RLC. Ahahaha, Inui gets his own section, but really it's all about Atobe. Atobe. Atobe! And how everyone in Rikkai is fucking gorgeous. AHHHH everyone in this show is so pretty. :((

    Note of Advocacy: There is absolutely *no* excuse for mislabeling or improperly crediting and citing the work of a fanartist, even in J-fandom. All these artists have sections on their "links" pages that detail exactly what their referring url should be, and usually explicitly stating the name of the artist. It's not that hard to figure out. And it makes me really sad whenever I see people casually linking and passing around art without crediting the artist. All it takes to share art with integrity is a name and a url, people. It's not much trouble, and it's worth it. </advocacy>

    with all that said, someone get me away from all the Ryoga.
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    • Things and Sundry.

      We have surpassed the Kickstarter goal for Fight Like a Girl by a stunning $1,000!!!!!! I am in complete shock. Thank you to all of you. <3…

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