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Let's all run towards the rising sun!

Oh fuck yes. shushesyou has a habit of friends-locking her fics before I can get around to reccing them properly, so for fuck's sake go read this one before she's done it up. "Up a Level". Fuji matchmakes as only Fuji can and OH MY GOD I AM IN LOVE. And don't tell anyone I said this but if every Fuji fic was this good I'd be begging for Power Triangle fics constantly.

Tezuka Kunimitsu has taken over my head and I blame him for the fact that I splurged and bought The Art of War and The Tao te Ching tonight, not to mention Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Just because I figure everyone needs to read that book at some point, and, hell, knowing Tezuka, he read it when he was 12, and if I am ever going to write him successfully, I need to catch up, dammit. I love writing about people who are greater than I am, in hopes that they will inspire me to greatness myself. Writing about Tezuka is totally daunting, though; but as daunting as it is I think I really understand him. It's Ryoma sometimes who leaves me confused. How does he see Tezuka, really, I wonder? Does he understand him as well as he thinks he does?

Tonight's Tenipuri Screencap of love is brought to you by my state's first ever Springing Forward. Progress has found us at last. It doesn't feel like ten after 5. Ah, how time really does fly when you're having fun.

and, as a bonus, because I was feeling the Golden Pair love all day today after re-reading Hydaspes' GP recs on her excellent Tenipuri Ship Recs Post:

In other news, peach_chan and I got together last night and hung out at the world's most awesome Sushi honky tonk. I was highly tempted to return tonight and ogle the cute Asian boys in the karaoke rooms hoping that one of them would resemble Kimeru. I suppose this is a sign that I am, at last, a J-pop fan. Don't tell anyone. I am listening to the Bleach theme song at the moment and trying to pretend like I am not singing along.
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