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69% of people find Fuji Syuusuke hotter than Draco Malfoy

Today's Tenipuri Screencap of Love is in honor of the Harry Potter fandom, and specifically storyteller.

"Buchou!" Ryoma cries after Tornado Smashing into Bellatrix's face, and he pulls Tezuka's face down into a Kiss of True Love™ and they both ignite in golden light.

"Noooo!!! Not LOVE!!!" Voldemort shrieks in agony. "It's the power I know not!!!"

That's when things get really crazy. Ryoma and Tezuka's clothes are blown off and angel wings sprout on their backs, and the seven lines are fucking gotten as rainbows shoot out in a million directions, consuming the universe.


sdjkladjlf;j It's not my fault.

But really, how can Harry Potter compete with this?

Tags: potcaps, you make me wanna PIKA★★NCHI

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