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I have been catching up on my friends list and various and sundry, and I just have to say oh my god, HP fandom, has anybody really said "I'm leaving you!" Because for one thing, I haven't seen anybody say that they've lost any love for HP or their HP ships. I certainly haven't.

For another thing, saying that you're leaving a fandom is wanky.

On the other hand, making people feel like they're leaving the fandom in upheaval because, oh my god, they're leaving the fandom is also wanky. Not to mention more than a little ridiculous, corny, and melodramatic.

HP fandom is the biggest fandom on earth. No, really. It's so big there are people in it who've never even heard of livejournal.com. That's how big it is. The section of fandom you're in? It's a sliver of the whole gigantic fandom amoeba that's constantly pulsating with life and change and evolution you can't see because you're stuck in the middle of a relatively tiny grid of maybe 300-ish people (that you actually can remember at any given moment; the average human brain can only process and remember about 300 people at one time), maybe ten per cent of whom are actually getting into this Prince of Tennis thing.

If asked, I doubt more than one or two of that tiny group of 30-some people would say they've "left" HP fandom.

Here I was going to write a long sentimental soliloquy in which I asked: can one really *leave* a fandom? Can one leave behind the moments of love and bliss and joy, the memory of one's first read-through of Weather of the Heart, one's ritual of eager waking once a month on Wednesday morning for the release of the latest chapter of Irresistible Poison, or every Thursday two years later for the latest chapter of Left My Heart; one's first experience with the latest movie screencaps and how you stayed up all night discussing the feminist implications of Emma's pink jersey; the way you were nonfunctional for a whole week in June 2004 because you couldn't stop crying over the end of NA; the way you will never ever forget how you felt when Harry told Draco he loved him in DV, come what may no matter what, OTP for the rest of your life so help you forever?

But I felt it would be unnecessary and redundant. You can't leave a fandom. Any more than a fandom can leave you. And I think everyone knows that.

So give us a break and let us enjoy our gay tennis.


In other issues: I have a TezuRyo filter. It's a reading filter, to make sure that I don't miss anything. I read my full friends list about once or twice a day; I refresh my tezuryo filter like every five minutes.

Am I missing any TezuRyo-related posts? Because this would be a BAD BAD THING and would make me sad. So.

Should you be on my TezuRyo filter? Let me know, because if you are talking/squeeing/writing about Tezuka/Ryoma then I want to be in on it. Please let me in! *_*
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