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Dear livejournal. :((

Sweeping up plaster, mopping the floor
Washing the windows
Cleaning the closets
Closing the door, filling the cracks out in the hall
Scraping the paint off of the wall
Changing the lock, turning the key
Letting you go away from me
Knowing it’s better here in my head
Doing the laundry
Washing the dishes, making the bed
Nothing to fight, nothing to choose
Maybe it’s good learning to lose
Maybe I’ll shine finally free
Letting you go away from me
If I was smart, if I was strong
If I could just say I was wrong
Say it was me, say I could move
Make you believe these things improve
Would I forget all of the cracks
Deep in the ground under our tracks
And if I go then would you see
Or would you go away – would you go away
Facing the facts, watching the clock
Maybe you’ll change just down the block
And if you did where would I be
Letting you go away from me

If anyone has it, I need this mp3. Lauren Kennedy, "Letting You Go." I need it because I have just been reading happiestwhen's reaction to the *spoiler* of Prince of Tennis, and because I am writing angst fic from Tezuka's pov, and, yeah. LOOK AT MY ICON. TEZUKA NEEDS THIS SONG TO HELP HIM COPE. :((

Please I will write you a drabble. And angst. *begs and cries and watches Tenipuri*
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