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Tonight's Screencaps of Love are dedicated to shushesyou, because it is her birthday. Happy birthday, Laura!

I'm sorry, there is NO REASON by all that is godly and holy for two people who are not romantically involved to stand that close to each other. Only people who are in love stand that close together. (Unless those two people are tezuka and ryoma because then they stand at a very safe distance apart from each other because any closer and they will find themselves clinging and kissing and not letting go, and stoics don't do that sort of thing. Oishi and Eiji, however? Married.)

Next stop: TezuRyo. Spoiler warning for episode 140-141. Uh, and episode 130-something

♥♥♥♥♥ He just got off the plane. Who are those other two people? Does he know them? Are they on his team? Why are they making noise at him, can't they see he needs to be alone with his pillar? ♥_♥

Like this:

He just got off the bus. He didn't even make it off the bus before they started up with the intense longing-filled staring. Is there anybody else in the world? Tezuka, there are eight other people there, you know. ....Tezuka? Earth to Buchou?

there isn't enough love in the world. :((

Also: I wasn't going to rec this because I've not been given permission, but I really really can't help myself, and if I don't rec it here, I'm just going to be screaming at people to read it on YM, which is what I just did to Ria, which sucks because YM doesn't like my url links anymore, and until it starts cooperating, I have to resort to reccing things on livejournal the crude old-fashioned way.

Don't let her fool you. soundczech wrote this. Which I'm sure is enough to send most discerning readers scrambling for their clicky buttons, but just in case it isn't: On the bad days he comes home and Kikumaru will hug him, arms warm and awkward across his shoulders. On worse days he'll elbow him slyly in the gut and make lewd jokes about Tezuka's sex life. To be fourteen again. The power. *dangles link in front of you again*
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