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Fuji-Centric Fic Recs, below the cut! ^_^

lindra has written two amazing Fuji-centric Tezuka/Ryoma ficlets, and I love them, and they are such rich character studies. The Fuji-matchmakes trope has gotten lots and lots of people on my friends list thinking about him, it seems, and the results are wonderful - all of which you must must read if you love Fuji. There seems to be this trend of exploring Fuji's character through TezuRyo without shortchanging either the intensity of their relationship or the fascination of Fuji's role in it. I am really, really enjoying them all.

  • lindra's fics: "Letting Go" and a square and a circle and a line. ♥♥♥! The Fuji characterization in both of these is superb. I just want her to write him all day.
  • shushesyou's fic: "Up a Level" - Tezuka/Ryoma/(Fuji). And again, Fuji characterization - actually maybe one of the best Fuji i've ever seen in a TezuRyo fic. Absolutely a must-read. And be sure to review. She hasn't been writing fic long, and gosh, just look at her go.
  • kessie's fics: Ouroboros (Fuji/Ryoma/Tezuka); Where the Mountains Meet the Heavens - TezuRyo (also for stagesoflove-both are in-progress fic cycles); and, my favorite of all, her fics for 30Kisses, which she took over from me with my eager blessing. This one is my favorite, although they are all brilliant and beautiful and so quickly written that it's leaving me in awe. And there is to be more of the Drunken!Dancing!Ryoma-verse, so she tells me. I may die of anticipation. *_*
  • chasingwhispers wrote a fabulous fic for the Matchmaker!Fuji pillarchallenge - "Matchmaker, Matchmaker" - in which we see what became of Fuji's "mood music" that he gave Ryoma in 173. Oh, Fuji. I love this fic. Really really.
  • kishmet keeps writing fics, and I keep making her post them on my community, because really, they all fit, and how can I resist? Fuji! Netkissing! SHE HAS EVERYTHING. The fics: "Straightforward."; "Dear Sakura-san", which I. just. ADORE. Tezuka as advice columnist. Why is this the greatest idea ever. *_*
  • storyteller: forward, yearning - Fuji/Ryoma - with the ever-present TezuRyo overshadowing everything. TezuRyo, in really well-done fics like this, seems to drive Fuji as much as it drives either Tezuka or Ryoma. And this is one of my favorite fics of storyteller's - full of one-liners that pack a punch. I love how tense and rich and subtle it is. So very Fuji.
  • aziraphale_mel brings us more matchmaker!Fuji/net!kissing fic. Hilarious and fun. KUNI-CHAN. Actually, I just think Matchmaker!Fuji+Netkissing may be the greatest fic cliche combination ever.
  • kishmet again. Why are you so prolific, Kish? Loving Care - Fuji/Ryoma, the proper kind, without any pesky TezuRyo lurking in the background. She can spoonfeed me this stuff, what can I say?

  • And finally, flyby has gifted me with net!kissing fic. I love it so hard I can barely breathe. Making the News - Tezuka/Ryoma/Tennis.
    I could not possibly love this fic more. I could not possibly love this pairing more. Chiya makes my heart hurt in the best way imaginable when she writes them playing tennis together. :((

  • A while back, insaneneko translated this doujinshi, which flyby put up here and has given me permission to rec. I love this doujinshi. It's strictly canon interpretation, which is not something you typically see from doujinshi. But oh. Gosh. It's lovely.

    And one final rec: bringtheballs.

    And this, folks? This is what happens when Harry Potter fans invade fandom: The Prince of Tennis newsletter. At the moment, it appears to be highly subjective and highly flammable - contains massive doses of squee.

    I am over the moon at fandom today. Seriously.

    Today's Tenipuri Screencap of Love.

    He can take my case any time. ♥_♥

    Unrelatedly, sdalkfj;ds holy shit Tezuka is eleven inches taller than Ryoma. I mean. I knew "28 cm" was in fact a whole twenty-eight centimeters, but it never really hit me til just now. oh my goodness, that's tall. Tezuka is tall! )Is it even possible for a fourteen year old to be eleven inches taller than anything? This boggles my mind.) And, of course, it makes me want fic about their height difference. Delicious fic about all the ways Ryoma fits into the nooks and crannies of Tezuka's spaces like no one else can, because he is just that small. 11 inches. Even if Ryoma grows he's still going to be like half a foot shorter than Tezuka. This is delightful. ♥

    Hey, kungfooqueen, speaking of fic, what is our next pillarchallenge prompt going to be? ETA: ksadjfkl;sjfklsjfklsksjfjsfjaklfsdfajslkfhsdfa;slkfa;klflasfasjlkds;f HEIGHT DIFFERENCE.
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