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I missed the Somewhat Official Prince of Tennis Friending Frenzy. This is unacceptable. I can no longer participate because the wave has passed, and I can't just go about pimping myself to random people to make up for it. FRIEND ME, TEZURYO SHIPPERS. *begs* or at least tell me who you are so i can friend you.

God. I have been away for a week. I need to hear something about Tezuka and Ryoma, NOW. Fics, one-liners, screencaps, ALL CAPS, general squee, I don't know, I don't care, I am just DEPRIVED and if you don't come to my aid now I'm just going to keep rereading this spin the bottle fic over and over again and Tezuka is so dominatrix in it that it will start me on some sort of stupor of writing horrible badfic where Tezuka makes Ryoma his whimpering clingy sub and alksjdfl;sjdfkl;dsa WHY DOES THAT SOUND SO APPEALING.

No, seriously, I was driving back today dreaming up songvids to Dave Matthews' "Crash" where Ryoma was the unaware naked chick and Tezuka the creepy stalker guy and there was lots of window-staring and skirt-hiking and this was the greatest thing ever in my head.


Either that or, like. Tell me what I should name the stuffed bunny I got for Easter. I first thought of calling him Eiji, but I am strongly leaning towards Mr. Loppy.

....Nah. Tezuka/Ryoma. Please. Now.

I love how obsessed I look in this post. Why is the world not online so it can obsessively squeal about TezuRyo with me? What is your excuse, world? Don't give me that Easter crap. Mr. Loppy came and went hours ago.
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