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So, I've been having Hikago withdrawal symptoms lately. I haven't watched the show in nearly a year, and I never finished it, and, well--I miss it all the time but since I got new HnG icons yesterday I've been staring at them fitfully and miserably and going, oh Touya, how have I been without you for this long.

I have Hikago somewhere on DVD which does me no good whatsoever because I a) can't find the dvds and b) can't play them on this computer. In an attempt to get the files by any means necessary, in part because I really want Anna and Sam and Starla to watch them, I've turned to Youtube. I can download the flash files, but unfortunately thereafter my skills fail me, unless someone can tell me why my Riva FLV encoder looks like this instead of like this. I tried re-downloading/re-installing it twice with no luck. :( I can't turn the flash files into .avi files without a converter, and I can't upload them for all of you if I can't turn them into .avi files.

I am able to convert eps to Mpeg, so if anybody wants HnG for their Ipod, let me know. Alternatively, if anybody can point me towards a non-IRC download method for Hikago, I will strew you with roses. Otherwise, I will do it the hard way. The very hard way. Alas.

Oh Shindou. Oh Touya. Wah.

Armchair chat is happening right now!!! H/D shippers, join room "armchairchat" on AIM or ping me, justslashalready, for an invite.
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