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As many of you know I was the one who came forward and provided independent confirmation of the death threats that heidi8 received yesterday which prevented her from being a Guest of Honor at the Phoenix Rising conference.

Heidi was one of the very first people to rec my fanfiction. She was the one who invited me to join Fiction Alley. The very first review for the very first fic I ever posted there was from her. When Warner Brothers came to Fiction Alley and demanded that they delete my fanfic, Love Under Will due to its slash content, Heidi said no, and stood between them and my fic until they backed down. I have been loyal to Fiction Alley and FAP for all these reasons, and because I want to believe the best of people, including Heidi.

I still do, and I still believe that Heidi is capable of following angiej's example and making a full and complete apology, while taking full accountability for herself and her actions - both her past actions and her recent ones.

In the meantime, I am rescinding my confirmation of the death threats that she received. I cannot confirm or deny the existence of death threats against Heidi pertaining to the accusations of plagiarism that have been made against her. I was mistaken, and I did not have all of the facts. I jumped to conclusions and I made a false assumption that I shouldn't have. I apologize greatly for the confusion this has caused.

I am deeply upset by the conflict this will perpetuate, and I assure anyone reading this that I would not be making this post if I thought there were any other way to protect my personal integrity and ensure that members of the fandom do not ask questions that needed to be asked because they are basing their judgments on my word.

I am very sorry about all of this.

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Edit: To be explicit, I did talk to the head of the conference yesterday. Amy Tenbrink confirmed that there were death threats, but that that was all that she confirmed. I have since talked to her again and clarified that the threats were not specifically directed at or to any one person.
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