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  • hd_holidays, the H/D gift-sharing fic comm for the holidays. Signup ends tonight! you still have a few more hours.
  • on JF, lol_meme seems to have determinedly taken over the anon meme. This meme was intended originally to be a place of fun and, er, loling. It seems to have gone all-anon-friendly, however, so if you're mourning the meme, hie thee hence. There's also pandaf*ckers on GJ.
  • Rec: Spiced Wine by grunhilda. I haven't gotten to leave a review for this fic yet, but I adore it. TezuRyo, and full of beauty. ♥
  • norton_gale has compiled a most entertaining sample of customer reviews for the Harry Potter books - a summary execution amazon-style, if you will: Part One and Part Two.
  • A few people today were asking me for Tezuka/Ryoma recs, so I am reposting a rec list that I made about two months ago. If you've already seen it, move along. If not,
    This post is for numisma, because she asked me for a rundown of the best TezuRyo fics out there. She had asked for non-WIP Classics to start with. That pretty much rules out "Focus" over on FF.net and Jumpy Boys, which is probably everybody's favorite TezuRyo WIP.

    I think it's safe to say that our ship was pretty much a non-ship until about a year ago, so the "classics" aren't necessarily things I'd rec if there had been anything better out there at the time. I've heard people call us the 'second wave' of TezuRyo or something, but dude, there just wasn't that much out there before this time last year.

    That said, the one fic that's generally considered a "classic" older TezuRyo fic that I would rec is Branch's Yaru Arc. I don't, however, think it stands up too well over the test of time. I wouldn't put it in a class with any of the fics I'm about to rec, purely for that reason, along with personal preference. There's also one really well-known fic that was recced all over old-school fandom that ends in the line "Tezuka thinks about investing in a new pair of sunglasses." I can never remember the name of this fic and I didn't really cotton to it all that much, but it's somewhere in my memories, which I really need to organize by pairing.

    Anyway, here we go.

    A Purely Subjective List of My All-Time Favorite TezuRyo fics:

  • Playing Grown-Ups by soundczech. And also every thing else she's written, but I think this fic is the best fic in the fandom, not counting Not the Triumph, which stands on its own as--well. I can't even begin.

  • A Lack Thereof by two_if_by_sea (actually, this one can be counted a classic, though I think she locked it for a long time so it wasn't exactly 'out there.')

  • Not the Triumph by prillalar. I always feel like I should put some sort of Disclaimer on this fic, but even the Disclaimer might dull the impact even a little, and that's the last thing that should happen when you read a fic like this. This is one of the best fics that I have ever read in any, any fandom ever.

  • Training Bra by Anonymous.

  • Circle by copinggoggles.

  • Facing Forward by flyby. I think this may be the second-best TezuRyo fic in the fandom.

  • Are You There, God? It's Me, Kaidoh by garlandgraves The TezuRyo in this is very, very faint, but I'm mostly reccing this because it is the best Tenipuri fic I've ever read.

  • 100 Words About Propriety by poilass.

  • aozu & kyappu to bin - live tour in usa 2003 SUMMER by cimness

    Other Not-to-be-missed All-Time Favorites:

  • Double Holidays by freewayspike.

  • Breaking Orbit by flyby.

  • Five Minutes Early and Perfect Strangers by kessie.

  • Choice by kessie

  • Tall Grass, New Cut by garlandgraves.

  • Of Convergence by penm.

  • Awakening by shushesyou.

  • First Name Basis by cimness.

  • Playing for Keeps and Spirit House by cimness

  • The Case of the Missing Phone Call by cimness

  • Waiting Is by cimness

  • all cities the same by kessie

  • Seventeen by flyby.

  • Letters From Echizen by garlandgraves.

  • Untitled by onelittleroom

  • The Freudian Sense by soundczech.

  • To Declare My Love by soundczech.

  • Welcome Home by soundczech.

  • Be Like Buchou by soundczech.

  • assorted drabbles, all by soundczech.

  • Purloined and Thief by kishmet, and then follow it up with everything Kish has ever written. They're all wonderful. Another favorite is Place Your bets.

    I think that should get you started. There are hundreds more, when you're done with those, in my memories. ;)

  • In completely unrelated news, I learned today that my local Kinko's does not recycle any of its vast amounts of paper waste. They recycle cardboard but apparently the store made a decision that recycling all that paper was just too much trouble. I think a letter to the editor or a phone call to the manager may be in order. The thought that a company that uses up that much paper would willingly choose not to recycle its paper products, regardless of how inconvenient it is for the employees to have to sift through it, is really dismaying to me. I expressed my dismay to each of the workers I spoke with. They all looked at me like I was kind of odd to be bringing it up. But dude. Store that uses paper all day long? No recycling plan? Are they serious?
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