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Over at phoenix_hd, there's a discussion post inviting attendees of Lumos to give feedback about the fandom portions of the experience, and to talk about what they'd like to see at PR by way of H/D activities and discussion.

This is a great chance for anybody thinking of attending Phoenix Rising to pitch in ideas about the kind of programming they'd like to see, not just for H/D fans but slashers in general. I suggested we might brainstorm about the programming we most want to see and then cull volunteers to put together those programs.

Phoenix Rising is an extremely fan-friendly and slash-friendly conference. The head organizer Amy Tenbrink and I have had a lot of discussion about what the conference hopes to accomplish in terms of making sure fandom programming shares the stage with the academic programming.

I think the post on the comm is a great place to start talking about what we do and don't want to see, so if you're planning or even tentatively thinking about going, please drop by and give your thoughts on the kind of H/D and slash-friendly programming you'd like to see! The conference will only be as great as we the attendees make it, and I think it will be amazing. ♥

eta: *headdesk* no, self, you cannot go join pot_neverland just because you never want to grow up and you want tezuka and ryoma to frolic in adolescence together forever. you have no time to roleplay. also, you're about to be late for work. :P
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