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  • Reminder! The next Tenipuri Episode Chat starts in about 2 hours - that's 1 pm Pacific (GMT-8) / 4 pm Eastern!

  • I just went through and removed nearly 1,000 emails from the Armchair Slash mailing list because they were bouncing. Yikes. I know I removed some of you on my friends list as members, so if you still want to be a member of the Armchair_Slash mailing list, please go here to rejoin with a working email address! And while you're at it, consider joining the armchair_slash livejournal community for updates, special projects, and chat goodness you aren't going to find on the main list.

  • There will be Armchair Chat tomorrow! 12 noon EST as always: check the mailing list for details to be provided shortly. :)

  • About a month ago I made a post to the main Prince of Tennis community about translating the gigantic Prince of Tennis graphic novels which are co-written and illustrated by Konomi Takeshi. Further details about the graphic novels are here. Further information about the project - an ambitious translation of all 4 (possibly 5?) graphic novels into English - is behind the cut:

  • Graphic Novel Translation Project.
    In the near future, impressioniste and I have a goal of putting together a team of translators to bring the English-speaking PoT fandom the Prince of Tennis Graphic Novels, which are co-written by Konomi Takeshi and Kishima Nobuaki. There are four novels in all. The novels follow manga/anime timeline, and they are very long. As in, 200-plus pages per volume. There are bound to be lots of fantastic extra details in every one.

    WE WANT THESE BOOKS. [info]illogical and I are willing to sell our souls to get them translated. We will buy hard copy versions from Amazon and help with scanning and scanlations, proofing and editing--anything we can do, you name it, and we'll do it.

    The only thing we can't do is translate. If you speak or if someone you know speaks fluent Japanese and would like to be involved in the translation project, please please please speak up. Either comment on this post or email me (bookshop at lj) to let us know about your interest.

    impressioniste and I have already tentatively agreed to begin work on this project at some point in the next couple of months, but neither of us speak Japanese and so I am asking for any and all remotely interested parties with translation skills to volunteer now. We will also need transcribers, scanners, and editors at various stages of the project so please, if any of you don't translate but would like to be involved, feel free to speak up!!!!

    This would be a huge undertaking - a massive project requiring a consistent (if potentially small) time commitment from each of us over a long period of time. The payoff would be up to one thousand pages of Tenipuri canon that has previously not been translated into English. If the idea of 1,000 pages of new canon makes you salivate, then you need to volunteer. It'll probably be a while before I send out further details, but I want to start putting the list of volunteers together as soon as possible so we'll know what we're working with.

  • Ooh! It's raining at my apartment for the first time since I moved in! Rain outside my lovely long windows! How nice.
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