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  • Armchair chat today was fabulous. There are some important community announcements on the mailing list that we'd like you to read. If you're on the list be sure you check them out. Also, please do go here to armchair_slash and take Tracy's poll! And sign up to be a volunteer! :)

  • Then go here and tell us whether you're still an active member or not. We need to know!

  • I literally spent all day reworking the coding and format of the musical post at the *cough* community, and I cannot for the fucking hell life of me figure out why I have a gap at the top of my page that is three miles long. Wah. I'm going to bed.

    But could someone with decent coding skills please please take a look and tell me what I've done wrong? It's just a bloody no-frills table, what the HELL. *cries and cries*

  • Despite my coding woes? I am full of love for fandom. I really need to change my sidebar. it feels like I never left HP fandom at all.

    OH, and be sure you check out my Chat recap today on the mailing list! There were a bunch of H/D fics recced in chat and we listed them all! go! Sign up! And make sure you let us know that you're still around, alive, and kicking!
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