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Thoughts on the Armchair! and so forth.

  • My mom called last night. "Would you be more inclined to move home if I told you I just got a 44" plasma flatscreen?" asdlfk;jasljk. Then she was like "Oh, and I bought a subwoofer!" A SUBWOOFER. Oh mom. ♥

    Then she told me to make a to-do list pre my cousin's wedding in October. I totally made a to-do list. Except it's a fandom to-do list.

  • I've been possessed with the incredible urge to call elements every night this week so far. I called her last night to gush about the Armchair; I suspect I'll be calling her tonight to gush about Henry Jenkins. It's like - dude, I don't even know how to express or analyze how genuinely straight up excited I am lately. About everything related to fandom. It is one big puddle of glee.

  • I just got a really nice review for my fic "The Reader" over at Fiction Alley, and one line read, "I love the way you portrayed Draco and Harry as pillars that everyone leaned against. Draco was the chaplain, Harry the captain. Both necessary for the students."


  • Votes on the "Are you alive?" poll at the Armchair currently stand at 99. Which is great considering it's, like, the first poll we've done since 2002. Not so great when you consider it as a percentage out of 2600 members. :))

    Yesterday in chat (CHAT WAS SO GREAT), kayen posed the question: "why can't the Armchair (mailing list) just migrate to livejournal?"
    Surprisingly, in my opinion, most of the chat members were wholeheartedly in favor of this. Then again, a lot of the chatters were people who only knew of armchair through livejournal, and had little awareness of Armchair, the mailing list. Which is fair after two years of being mostly inactive.

    But it begs the question (and is partly why we are polling people on the list to begin with) - are Armchair members mostly on livejournal already? If you're like me you just want everything to be on livejournal: fics, communities, basically as much of fandom as you can get. Except the Armchair is unique. It's strange to say it but it's one of the few remaining slash-centric fandom mailing lists, and one of the only H/D mailing lists. And the primary reason we never made an LJ community for the Armchair before recently was because I didn't want to infringe on what the mailing list already offered.

    So, here's the question:

    1. Do you guys - meaning, a) members of the Armchair, and b) H/D shippers who (sorry, Jen!) are all in favor of yet another H/D community - want to see the Armchair migrate to a place that you feel more comfortable with - aka here?

    2. If you'd rather see the Armchair continue to occupy its current place as a sort of spastic but lovable fandom mailing list, what are your suggestions for using the lj community (armchair_slash) to supplement the mailing list? We are open to anything at this point.

      I'm not making this a poll - yet - because I figure we've had enough of those in the last 2 days! But I'm very open to any and all thoughts on this topic. Please feel free to share.
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