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Yay! It's time for Unpopular Fandom Opinions!

I LOVE THIS MEME! I'm so glad it's making the rounds!

TEN UNPOPULAR FANDOM OPINIONS! and 10 that can't be popular enough.

First round: Prince of Tennis!

1. No one should ever be ashamed of shipping Tenimyu RPS, because oh my god they want us to.
  • Corollary popular opinion: Shirota Yuu is the single most beautiful person in the history of the world.

    2. Fuji, in canon, is far, far nicer than 90% of fandom ever gives him credit for.
  • Corollary popular opinion: Kimeru is Fuji. Tangentially, Kimeru is made of awesome. Kimeru can do no wrong. Oh Kimeru.

    3. What is the deal with Prince of Tennis fandom and its obsession with numbers? 20 Things, 30 Kisses, OT5? PLEASE. LESS DATA. MORE PLOT.
  • Corollary popular opinion: Prince of Tennis fandom needs more smut. I've never met a fandom that was so hideous at churning out both long plotty fics and kinky smutfics. Where is the sex, people! Are you really going to let BNF Brawl do all your, erm, dirty work for you?

    4. The entourage of HP fans who converted to Tenipuri totally breathed second life into this fandom.
  • Corollary popular opinion: And then they all ran off to join the rpg. LIFE HARD. D:

    5. (This is the opinion that will get me stoned.) I think Oishi is an inconsiderate, selfish, uptight worrywart who makes the lives of the people around him needlessly harder than they have to be. Sometimes I really want Eiji to bitchslap some sense into him.
  • Corollary popular opinion: The Golden Pair is still wonderful.

  • Corollary popular opinion: There really needs to be a "serial killer pair" trope. I will start it.

    7. Tomo is awesome. She's totally badass. She's smart, assertive, positive, motivating, cheerful, considerate, brassy, and funny. She also cooks, sews, cheerleads, babysits, and plays tennis really well! She's almost hotter than An. And that's a lot of hot.
  • Corollary popular opinion: Sakuno is still useless.

    8. Yukimura is boring. And Sanada/Yukimura < Kirihara/Yukimura.
  • Corollary popular opinion: Kirihara is completely, utterly undershipped. :(

    9. Tezuka is the most expressive character in this show.
  • Corollary popular opinion: The characterizations in Prince of Tennis make this show genuinely brilliant. No matter how silly and ridiculous it is, the characterizations lift this show above the mundane and into the sublime. They're truly Dickensian.

    10. All Tenipuri ships are canon. But some are more canon than others. :D
  • Corollary: There needs to be some sort of minor ship renaissance in this fandom. So much potential. So little fic being written!

    Second Round: Harry Potter!

    1. Ginny? Still a bitch. And that Oedipal thing JKR admitted to? WHY would you admit something like that? 'Yes, Harry dreams of sleeping with someone who reminds him of his mother.' NOT HELPING YOUR CASE, JO.
  • Corollary popular opinion: although I do think Ginny's hot. You know. Redhead. Horrible, but hot.

    2. Molly Weasley is one sexy mama. And possibly a nympho.
  • Corollary popular opinion: Arthur's not bad either.

    3. This is such an old unpopular fandom opinion that I'm chagrined that it's still an unpopular one, but here we go: People. DRACO MALFOY DOES NOT NEED YOUR APOLOGISTICS. For god's sakes, just let him be the arrogant conceited manipulative bratty bigoted stubborn stuck-up asshole you fell in love with! What's the point of redeeming him if you're going to water him down to begin with anyway?
    If you think I'm saying Draco is EEEVIL OMG, no, I am not. Draco is a normal boy. Please. People. If you don't know any normal 17 year old boys who are bigoted stuck-up assholes, then you need to expand your circle of teenagers.
  • Corollary popular opinon: Draco will be redeemed. And I think has been already. JKR, you rule.

    4. JKR Rules.
  • Corollary popular opinion: But her taste in HP ships sucks.

    5. Harry or Draco dying will only make the H/D ship stronger after the end of Book 7 than ever.
  • Corollary popular opinion: but if Draco dies, he's totally dying as a redeemed character - his function in the books wouldn't be served any other way.

    6. I actually think it's kind of neat that the fandom is so big whole factions can exist in separate corners of it and not even know anything about each other. It makes it feel all metropolisy that way. Like, you know, who knows - one day you could wander off Livejournal and end up somewhere you never knew existed, like Muggle Thai or Forbidden Desires, or somewhere where the denizens are like, "what's a livejournal?" And, yeah. Pretty cool.
  • Corollary popular opinion: That said, Livejournal should be the center of the universe.


    7. In terms of plot, structure, and thematic organization, Order of the Phoenix is the worst Harry Potter book. Chamber of Secrets is the best.
  • Corollary popular opinion: The even-numbered books ALL OWN.

    8. Hermione ending up with Ron would be settling. THERE I SAID IT. Not that Ron's not great and all but REALLY. IT'S HERMIONE. SHE COULD HAVE IT SO MUCH BETTER.
  • Corollary popular opinion: uh. lol Harmony?

    9. Harry should seriously consider going to the Dark Side for a little while. Just to see what it's like.
  • Corollary popular opinion: He should also consider spending all of Book 7 dressed in black and talking like Darth Vader. Hotttttt.

    10. If you can ever lose your love for Harry/Draco, for this ship, then you never really loved it to begin with. *RUNS*
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