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I don't tend to set up filters specifically for posting content, but I feel like I have enough of a legitimate reason to do so now that I'm making this post.

I have three million fandom projects on my plate right now. And I'm totally fine with that, but I'm going to need a space where I can post progress reports and updates, if only for my own methods of organization.

Things I'm about to be involved in or am already currently involved in are below:

  • an as-yet-untitled Citizen Journalism project focused around New Orleans in the week before Phoenix Rising. This is a huge, huge project and a very worthwhile one, culminating in what I hope will be an at-the-conference presentation on the work we've done the past nine months and the last week in particular. Details to come - we're still in the planning stages, but I can already tell this is going to be amazing.
    Who's running this with me: elements and pinkocracy, two of my oldest online and real life friends.

  • reviving the Armchair, a task which seems to be coming complete with reviving the Author of the Month, reviving Sunday Chats, reviving Armchair challenges, and figuring out how to merge the features of Armchair_Slash with armchair_slash. o.O
    Who's running this with me: my erstwhile Armchair mods: elements, tracy, lady_morsmordre, conversant, vinagrette, and sarahtales at last headcount. :)

  • Two new and current projects suggested and being put together by Armchair community members, which are: a) an H/D community directory and b) an H/D fandom-centric podcast. !!!!! These two things put together are SO AMAZING. I love my list. :(
    Who's running this with for me: tracy, ordencodex, various fabulous volunteers!

  • Volunteering with the communications staff of Phoenix Rising. (I feel like lately every post I make is indicative of this role, haha.)

  • Armchair sponsorship of Phoenix Rising, complete with hosting a booth at the conference on the amazingly fantastic Artists and Authors Night.
    Who's running this with me: everyone at the Armchair *_*

  • Hosting the booth means we are also putting together a potentially staggering list of wonderful things that will involve participants and volunteers across the fandom. One of the things we've decided to do is to host a - (Should I be talking about this yet? It feels like something too staggeringly fabulous to talk about openly! Should it be some hush hush secret?) - a Silent Auction for H/D fans to "bid" on one another for various sundry services and favors. Again, completely voluntary and potentially tremendous amounts of fun.
    Who's running this with me: elements, everyone at the Armchair *_*, and every H/D fan who is potentially attending Phoenix Rising.

  • I am moderating and putting together a panel for Phoenix Rising. And I'm not saying another word about this one in public until I have final confirmation about the panelists and the topic. It's so amazing I don't want to jinx it. But it is astounding, and if I actually get to do it I swear, I will never complain about anything fandom does or says about me ever ever again because I will be the luckiest fandomer ever to have lived.
    Who's running this with me: it's a secret. :D

  • The Giant Huge Translation project for the Prince of Tennis graphic novels. Hahaha, I love how this list is like ALL HARRY POTTER stuff but oh my god, this project is seriously freaking huge. 800 to a thousand pages of translation work. It's going to be amazing. I can't wait.
    Who's running this with me: impressioniste (it was her great idea!), and a host of assorted volunteers.

  • the *cough* community, which is pretty much almost completely established except for any new files we might add. I can't anticipate doing any overhauling of that community any time soon, because it is currently such a beautifully self-running machine.
    Who's running this with me: a fabulous group of volunteers who uploaded the files initially and continue to maintain them through racketeers. A host of shiny, shiny, shiny people to whom I am very grateful.

  • Various communities I already run, aka pillarchallenge, the_eros_affair (which desperately needs a new caretaker), and hd_flashfic.
    Who's running this with me: For the first two, mostly whoever I can get when my enthusiasm or my internet connection flags. For the latter, glockgal and amanuensis1. And then there's the matter of big_bang_hd. You never know, shaggirl and lunacy. You just never know. <3

    So, basically, if you actually managed to make it through the previous huge long list of projects and to follow all that and to give a crap about at least some part of it, you might want to sign up for my project filter. Which is why I'm making this post.

    Poll #809470 It's the 'Aja's boring project filter' poll!

    Would you like to be filtered into my projects filter?

    Yes please!

    Can I beg you to volunteer for crap?

    I AM volunteering! Sign me up!
    Maybe. Possibily if you grovel prettily.
    No. Just because I want to read about you toiling away for fandom doesn't mean I want to participate in your slave labor.
    Is there porn involved? Then yes.

    Questions / Comments / loud exclamations go here:

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