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Art spam: Hikaru no Go. And by Hikaru, we mean Touya.

I'm sorry, I know I'm spammy today, but. but.

but my love cannot be CONTAINED.

In my Pimp post about Hikaru no Go, I talked about how stunning the manga is. [Reminder - the mangaka is the artist who created the ever-popular, ever-beautiful Death Note.] Anyway, the wonderful ladysorka has just uploaded the entire Hikaru no Go artbook.

There are pictures here I've never seen before. Basically I've never seen anything so stunning in my life. So. Remember I promised mangaspam? Well. This is gratuitous artbook spam. And it allows me to more properly focus on the other love of my life. Tezuka's distant cousin, as evinced by the fact that their mothers share wardrobes and give each other their son's lavender castoffs -

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Touya Akira.Collapse )

The reason that in two years I have never properly flailed myself off the map about Hikaru no Go is simple. Because I was so into Prince of Tennis, and had already inflicted so much of it on my friends list, I did not want to then turn around and go, "oh, well, there is this other thing!"

But I have loved Hikaru no Go for a long time. I watched it only a month after I watched Tenipuri. I wrote three fics for it in three months, as opposed to PoT, for which I've written 3 fics in, like, what, 2 years?

If you are an anime fan, you will love Hikaru no Go. If you are into ghosts, you will love Hikaru no Go. If you are a sports story fan, you will love Hikaru no Go. If you are a slash fan, you will love Hikaru no Go. If you are a fan of the beautiful soulbinding partnership/rivalry of TezuRyo, you will love Hikaru no Go. If you are a Harry/Draco fan, you will love Hikaru no Go with the intense beating lovewings of a thousand fluttering Snitches. This post may well be the last post you ever get from me on this subject. But if I'm only going to say it once more, I'll say it with gusto.

You will love Hikaru no Go.Collapse )

Hikago: available for the taking here.
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