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let's get the seven lines.

don't let the smile fool you; that Ueda is one bad mother.

We're supposed to have a gigantic blizzard tonight and tomorrow. So far nothing, and it's unnaturally warm outside. It's kind of eerie. I can't shake the feeling we're about to get hit with the weather from The Shining and I'm going to wake up early tomorrow and discover my town has turned into a wintertime Silent Hill. *shivers*

I'm literally half a scene away from finishing my fic, which is the longest thing i've written in a very long time, and the first thing I've felt really heavily invested in in over a year. And now i'm having all sorts of panicky insecure anxiety issues. Suddenly I don't feel like a decent writer, my words are crap, i'll never be able to describe things beautifully, my story is fucked up and over the top, I'll never be able to turn it into original fiction. Help.

Shirota apparently ships TezuFuji, or Shirota/Aiba, or maybe Shirota/Fuji, or some variant of the above which in any case is not Shirota/Yanagi forever and ever. There is not enough D face in the world; I have moved on to E facing. E: E: E: E: E: E:

I have the most ridiculous crush on Ueda. I fucking love the guy. i love how he always looks so longsuffering and vaguely disgusted with everything around him but he's secretly tickled and giggly and dorky just like the rest of Kat-Tun. Look at him in this icon, trying so hard to go "Kame, stop humping my leg" and failing because he's all 'heeeeee' on the inside. ( Also, is it just me or does Kame look kind of like a blissfully happy golden retriever there?) I love how sensitive and passive he is. I love how Ryo can make him almost-cry, every time. I love how smart he is. I love that he won the date contest. I love that he wanted to be Gackt just like me. GOD I LOVE UEDA.

And yet keymash apparently thinks this man is ugly.

Happy birthday, lindra!

I tend to immediately go out and watch tv shows right after declaring that I hate them on principle, I hate their face, and have no intention of ever watching them ever whatsoever. It appears I am throwing in the towel and coming out of the closet about Ugly Betty. I really like this show. And God, I didn't want to. I wanted to hate it. It's cliched, predictable, boorishly sweet, and ridiculously premised in that as everyone has discussed ad nauseum, if America Ferrara is ugly, then I'm a petite blond riverdancing Draco Malfoy. *leaps* But I love the characters. They're all sweet and just tremendously endearing, even because they're catty. I thought I would just hate everyone in this show. BUT I LOVE THEM ALL. A lot. The Amanda/Marc/Wilhemina trifecta makes me so happy. I LOVE THEM. :( Justin growing up so blissfully gay and accepted and well-adjusted and none of this angsty QAF shit makes me so happy. Salma Hayek's character makes me so happy. Daniel makes me so happy. If it weren't for Betty's ridiculous eyebrows and her idiot idiot boyfriend, I think I'd want to take this show out for drinks and invite it back to my place. I was so sure I'd hate this show. So sure.

I may have stayed up til almost 4 am last night talking about Hikaru no Go to Epon. Every time I talk about Hikago I remember all over again how it's basically the perfect, most beautiful, slashiest, romantic show in the history of ever. Every time I talk about Hikago I don't know why I don't just quit all other fandoms and just focus on how Touya and Hikaru know each other inside out, backwards and forwards, like the feel of stones in their hands or their mothers' cooking. The way they come together like two streams joining, and they flow into each other and into the game of Go forever and ever, never stopping.

Y HALO THAR, ADRIAN!!!! I do believe this is what you were looking for. And don't forget this, either. :D
Tags: fandom, hikago, i heart japan, life, otp

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