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Itemized Agenda list:

Item #1: I love my editor. Oh, and I love you, and you, and you, and you, and you, and you, because you were all so very wonderful to me this shittiest of weekends. Aww, heck. I love all of you. Muah.

Item #2: Mash!
You will live in a Shack.
You will drive a silver Jeep.
You will marry Fitzwilliam Darcy and have 0 kids.
You will be a loser in Paris.
--from www.playmash.com, stolen from the lovely rubemalfoy.

I rule.

Item #3: I really wish I had some kind of graphics/photo editor on here other than MS Paint. </whinging>

Item #4: Fran, were you on last night? I missed you...

Item #5: Are you ever going along thinking about Harry Potter, and then it strikes you how ridiculous something or other in the situation you're contemplating is, and once reality sets in you just can't stop laughing at it? I had that happen during this scene. I thought it was kinda cute and funny:

Harry by me, Draco by Nance.

"What happened in the Chamber? How'd you get rid of him?"

"What do you know about it?"

"That Slytherin built it. Only his Heir could open it... that all Muggleborns would be purged when it was open and only Purebloods left in the school. That's about it. And that you were shellshocked for about three weeks after it was all over."

"Do you know that the first time the chamber was open a student died?"



"A basilisk?"

"Yeah, you know, giant snake that hatches from a toad's egg.?"

" But how... oh. Was Tom a Parselmouth?"

"Yes. Just like me. Don't you remember the duel? You and me? Justin Finch-Fletchley? Everyone thought I was the heir."

"Oh yes. I remember. So... if you... are one... you're not...?"

"I'm not what? Evil? The heir of Slytherin?

"You... you're not... the Heir... are you?" Stiffening and backing away just a bit.

Gaping. "No! No, Draco, of course not!"

"But... Parselmouths are very rare."

"Don't you see? Tom was the Heir of Slytherin. He opened the Chamber the first time."


"Yes. And then he opened it the second time using the diary. But he... he possessed someone. Someone who had the diary. Someone innocent and gullible who used it to talk to him."

"Of course."

"He took the student over and they opened the Chamber and set the basilisk loose."

"The rooster feathers. The cry of a rooster is fatal to a basilisk. Of course."

"You were paying attention."

"I may be gorgeous but I'm not stupid. Who was the student? You?"

"No. The student-I went into the chamber to rescue them. They were pulled into it. When I found them they were nearly dead. And Tom had drawn so much of their life force he was able to leave the diary and regain human form."

Sitting back. "So he was... there."

"Yes. I met him then. Not much of a meeting since he shortly thereafter sicked his pet snake on me. But I had been...this is the really crazy part-"

"-But-but if you look at it, it petrifies you."

"No-it kills you. The only reason all those students were petrified was because they never looked at it directly. They saw reflections of it or-- ...yeah."

"Harry. That's..."

"Yeah. Anyway, while I was in the chamber, Fawkes the phoenix came to my rescue. He dropped the Sorting Hat into my lap."

"The Sorting Hat."

"Yeah. Told you it got crazy."

"Was it going to sing the basilisk to sleep?"

"Hey, that hat's got a lot of power you don't know about."

"Are you sure you weren't.... on something?"

"No. When I put it on my head it expanded and what came out of it was the sword of Godric Gryffindor. Huge sword. Ruby hilt."

"The sword of Godric Gryffindor."


" Well, might as well go whole hog, huh."

"Stop looking at me like I have five heads, git."

"His sword. Was in the hat. That Fawkes dropped in your lap."

"Yes. Right before I blinded the basilisk, which sank its venomous fang into my arm.
"Oh. right. Of course. Blinded the basilisk so it couldn't look at you. But its fang... You're not dead. Its fang was deadly."

"Well, right, I mean, Fawkes cured me by shedding Phoenix tears over the wound, naturally."

" Oh. Oh, right. Of course."

"So the wound healed and I had this extra basilisk fang lying about."

"Handy. And the basilisk? What's it doing?"

"Uh. Writhing in agony."

"Why? Did you sing to it?"

"I can re-dislocate that shoulder, you know."


"Tom wasn't happy."

"What's he doing the whole time?"

"He was shouting orders to the snake until he realized his snake was pretty much useless, and then he was going to kill me himself, so for some crazy reason I thought, let's jab the fang into the book and see what happens."

"Right. What any superhero would do in that case. I think it's in the superhero manual actually. What To Do When Confronted By Evil Former Student With Pet Basilisk."

"Right. Only most superheroes would have moved before they got covered in ink."
"So what happened when you stabbed the diary?"

"Ink went everywhere. And Tom started screaming."

"Ah. Ruined his outfit?"

"Well, you know, black was out of season."

Trying very hard not to smile at that: "Black is never out of season."

"Yes, but this would have been tie-dyed."

"Ew. Good point. I'd scream too."

Silent laughter. "So he disappeared, managing to get in a few "I'm melting, I'm melting"'s, leaving me with a ruined diary and an unconscious student. And since we were walled in, naturally our only way out of the chamber was through the ceiling, so we all grabbed onto the tail of Fawkes the Phoenix and flew outta there."

"Naturally. Harry, love, I think the fame has gone to your head. So... he melted?"

"No, no, he didn't melt, it's, uh..." laughing. "I really need to educate you. But he did disappear."

"You could just tell me the truth."

A reproachful look.

Snickering. "The sword of Godric Gryffindor. Right. And they say I've an ego."


Item #6: Nocturne Alley.
--I've been wanting for some time now to publicly bounce and squee over how wonderful onourbrooms is. Hooch is SO FUCKING FUNNY. And so in-character from what we know of her. Her reply to Seamus had me howling and that was before I read her post about Snape. *keels over in a fit*

--Dean got lucky! Yay Dean! Go after him, yo!! We're all rooting for you!

--Speaking of which, *sigh* What is going to become of you two?? I don't know which made me sadder, the fact that Harry got upset enough to throw the first punch, or the fact that no one believed Draco that he hadn't attacked Harry first (at least physically). In fact I was talking to someone earlier about how canonical NA Draco is because it seems like he always gets the short end of the stick, and no one really cares much what happens to him. It almost makes me want to say thank god for Snape. Almost. Anyway, boys, get it together, will you? *sniffle*

Item #7: I'm going to bed. Don't expect me to catch up on any LJ's for like the last 2 days. Bah. Lurve you all.

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