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let's get the seven lines.

i reckon heaven is a place where even heavy things are weightless


The Season 1 DVD BOXSET of Supernatural!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which the lovely franzeska gifted to me. ♥! (Does this mean I have to write Wincest? *gulp*)

The card that went with it, which reads, "Because where Shalott goes, others must follow." I stuck it on my computer monitor, for inspiration. ♦! (Does this mean I have to write Wincest, or does it mean I have to write a bestselling original novel? Or both?)

*clears throat*
"Let's play, Touya. We can't start until we play."
"It's been two years and four months."
"Has it been that long?"
(Touya looks up at the sky, remembering the wait)
"Yeah. It was long."
I love them so much. Like. I seriously love Hikaru no Go so much and I feel like I have waited two years (once the glow of Prince of Tennis had settled) to try and cram in 2 years' worth of love in one week or so. When I should have been telling you, every day, since summer of 2005, how much, how much I love Touya and Shindou and their obsessive, thousand-years-long love for Go and each other.

fic wherein Akira and Hikaru dress each other. Up and down. *___* I wish there could be fic like these two in my life every day. :((


Seeing people around me striking out at writing original fiction for the first time. We can do this, people! *cheers you on, Waya-style*

Waya. I LOVE WAYA. :( I love how generous he is, and how insightful, and sharp, and spot-on at reading people. I love how much he cares for Shindou and wants him to succeed, even when he's fighting his own jealousy and envy over his success. He is such a fabulous character.

lovedoesthat and her icons at teleprompt (which i think, looking back, inadvertently made me finally decide to read Death Note last week) and her linking me to Death Note comics all week, and for drawing Sylar eating Starla's brain, and for this. "I think you just killed anime." It probably won't make any sense if you don't know Death Note/Naruto/Hikago, but it's pretty hysterical anyway. :(


Death Note art at DeviantArt. Especially all the comics. Helping me get through the trauma. DeviantArt is a wonderful place; how have I never noticed?

J-pop. J-pop. My constant sanity-breaker and good will-restorer. Here! Have some songs that I wanted to share the other day before my laptop died.
  • Younha - Houki Boshi.
  • B'z - Shodo
  • Hoover's Oover - Hakkanou. I REALLY LOVE HOOVER'S OOVER. I wish I had more of their stuff. I believe I have fourstrifes to thank for introducing me to them, as well as to 2 other bands I really really like - Art School and Straightener.
  • Kimura Kaela - Wani ni Kotori. Also really like this song.
  • I also uploaded some Remiormen for Garland. Feel free to click on the link and then right-click save (or even left-click save for streaming) to your heart's content. as always, the j-pop directory is open and sharable for all. :)

  • I told Sam over the weekend that I guess I shouldn't rename my lj. All my accounts - delicious, DA, LastFM, so forth - are set up under "bookshop." It wouldn't be practical, really. And I haven't found anything that I feel that zing of certainty about like I did with this name.

    And yet, a part of me still really does want to disappear into something new. Something new and weightless and soaring and expectationless. An identity that isn't anything except what I want it to be.

    Whatever that is.

    I keep trying to make this journal post not be lame. I officially give up. Night, everyone.
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