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Stand up! Break away.

I love Kimeru. I realize that Kimeru is not as flashy as any of the JE/D-boys concoctions that Asian Pop has so generously provided us with, nor does he automatically come with an ensemble of slashable best friends that smush easily into RPS acronyms for our convenience.

But I love him. :( He is Fuji to me now and forever, like, I can never not see Fuji as Kimeru and vice versa. The way he acts, too, like, everything about him, the way he absolutely dotes upon his friends and his castmates, the way he poses for pictures, the kinds of songs that he sings, the way he is - he is exactly, exactly fucking AU!PopStar!Fuji in my head. skfjf. I just. I fucking love Kime so much. He's a wonderful singer. I love his songs so much. I wish I could understand a whit of Japanese so that I could confirm that they seem to be all about going after your dreams and being fully yourself and not letting anybody hold you back and I LOVE YOU KIMERU. :((

Kimeru and Rie fu. I have no idea when they became the most important musicians in my life but between now and August 2005 I have probably listened to "Make You Free" and Rie Fu's entire discography more than any other songs ever in my whole entire life (with the recent exception to follow shortly). I remember when I used to think "You Got Game" was stupid. Vague, detestable memory. Clearly "You Got Game" is a brilliant feat of songwriting, and I regret that I did not realize this from the first hearing.

I have seriously considered sending Kimeru fan mail. :( I have only done this with, like, two people in my whole life ever. My Kimeru fan mail would just be, like, a pic of my ipod and a note that says "Dear Kime. I named my ipod after you, because I could think of no higher honor. You will always be shiny to me." :( ILHIM. I JUST THOUGHT YOU ALL SHOULD KNOW.

I decorated one side of my canvas tote bag last night with the letters "MAKE YOU FREE" in felt and a glittery puff paint rainbow on one side. Except when I went to write "LET'S GET 7 LINES" around the rainbow the glitter-paint spurted all over the right side of the bag and then I had to try frantically to scoop it up and make the spurts into letters. So now it looks sort of like "LETS (BLOB)ET 7 LINES!"

I suck at crafts. lasfjd.

I will probably decorate the other side tomorrow, with the word 'Supernova' across the middle.

I have never been so obsessed with a song in my life. I've gotten to the point where I spend like an hour every night recording it for no apparent reason other than that I just want to sing it all the time. I keep making up retarded harmonies and then singing them, recording, and erasing the recordings.

I am so obsessed. With this song. Is there something, like, clinical, when you're seriously obsessed with a song? I am. Obsessed. Approaching clinical. This can't be healthy. HOW CAN THIS SONG BE THIS AMAZING. HOW CAN IT BE THIS BEAUTIFUL. HOW.

I have uploaded my entire Bump of Chicken collection here. I want to rec songs to you but I don't know where to begin. How can a band named Bump of Chicken be this awesome. HOW?

God. I basically love all of Jupiter. I love all of Yggdrasil. I love all the hidden tracks on all the albums, omfg they're wonderful and I'm pretty sure they're all meant to be huge jokes. I love just, basically I love their sound and THEY USE FIDDLES AND BANJOS IN THEIR MUSIC. god. so many of their songs are so refreshing and - THEY WROTE A SONG THAT IS ALSO A FANFIC. Seriously. They wrote a song dedicated to an Evangelion character. How awesome is that. almost as awesome as the fact that they decided in 7th grade to be friends forever and be in a band together and change the history of Japanese music. AND THEN THEY DID. THEY ARE POP NO OUJISAMA. *__*

I will make zip files of all the albums later but I cannot just yet because my computer is being a pain.

I have nothing really with which to top Bump of Chicken and so finish out this post.

Oh, wait, yes I do.

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