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Stand up! Break away.Collapse )

I suck at crafts. lasfjd.

I will probably decorate the other side tomorrow, with the word 'Supernova' across the middle.Collapse )

I have uploaded my entire Bump of Chicken collection here. I want to rec songs to you but I don't know where to begin. How can a band named Bump of Chicken be this awesome. HOW?

God. I basically love all of Jupiter. I love all of Yggdrasil. I love all the hidden tracks on all the albums, omfg they're wonderful and I'm pretty sure they're all meant to be huge jokes. I love just, basically I love their sound and THEY USE FIDDLES AND BANJOS IN THEIR MUSIC. god. so many of their songs are so refreshing and - THEY WROTE A SONG THAT IS ALSO A FANFIC. Seriously. They wrote a song dedicated to an Evangelion character. How awesome is that. almost as awesome as the fact that they decided in 7th grade to be friends forever and be in a band together and change the history of Japanese music. AND THEN THEY DID. THEY ARE POP NO OUJISAMA. *__*

I will make zip files of all the albums later but I cannot just yet because my computer is being a pain.

I have nothing really with which to top Bump of Chicken and so finish out this post.

Oh, wait, yes I do.Collapse )
Tags: bump of chicken, hikago, i heart japan, life, love, me, music, otp, why am i like this

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