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No NA updates.
No DMHS updates.
I do not feel like writing or betaing anyone's fic.
No one's online.
Every time I blink I think my contacts are sticking to the insides of my eyelids.

Oh, quick question: Stacey, did you take down your site? I knew you took down TwaV but I wasn't aware you had taken down the site itself. Maybe it's a GeoShitties thing. I stopped by earlier (before the cut-tag thing) because I wanted your email addy. If you don't mind, could you email me or let me know it so I could email you? aromano@indiana.edu. Thanks.

I would just like to thank titanic_days for introducing me to the Kinks. I mean, I knew a few of their songs and knew who they were, but he really got me listening to them. Kirsty Mcoll too, but not as much. I really love the Kinks. Cool and fun and laidback and easy and just... nice. Thanks, Alex.

In other news, I heard some crazy rumor that thegraybook's fic is H/H. Those blasphemers. *snicker*

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