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another one of *those* Hikago fics. aka, why tok0 is bad for my mental health.

[re Zoe's beautiful-yet-SPOILERY hikago meta post]

toko: also. hikaru telling touya about [spoiler] as a wedding gift. sksgklhags;l. now I have this wonderful mental image where they're all naked in bed and Shindou rolls over, studies Touya for a minute, and goes "Sooooo..."
me: oh my god that would be
me: okay, well
me: that would be a number of things
me: a) sexy
me: b) sexy
me: d) beautifully adorable
me: e) very like Hikaru

They spend their first night after the officiation (Touya does not think 'honeymoon' because he is not, despite the evidence to the contrary in the way his hand can't stop finding its way into Shindou's, a complete sap) playing Go and making out between moves until they flop into bed and just stay there, having a weird combination of sex and Go, a concept that may or may not help them find the hand of God together but is definitely going to make their next official match an interesting one. Touya doesn't think he's laughed this hard since the time Shindou got in a food fight with him and Ichikawa, instead of kicking them out of the Go salon, joined in. That had only been three years ago, not long after the Hokuto cup, and shortly before the very dark time they only refer to now in beginnings: "when you and Akari..." "when your father..."

But that's in the past, and Shindou has always been his present and his future. And while the fact that three years ago they were shoving ice cream cones in each other's faces means that Shindou is an immature spaz who drags Touya down with him, it also means that they have been in love with each other for at least that long, because only pure love, then and now, could have allowed Touya to laugh at anyone audacious enough to smear his face with butter pecan.

He giggles, and Shindou stops giving him tsuke hickeys long enough to purr into his collarbone with contentment. "You're really hot when you're happy," he says. "Mmm, and warm too." He's already so close he could be charging Touya rent for oxygen, so how he manages to get closer is a miracle of body heat and flexibility. Touya's not complaining, far from it, and twists beneath him so that his legs can wrap around Shindou's calves and brush his ankles. Shindou loves to be touched this way, even if he never says so. A little petting can make him Touya's slave for the rest of the evening. Not that Touya has ever taken advantage of that.

"I am," he says, and runs his hand through Shindou's messy, messy hair. "Happy, I mean." He arches up as Shindou returns to the business of decorating his neck, and runs his fingers down Shindou's side, and lower.

"So," Shindou says conversationally, which is difficult to do when the person you're conversing with has just begun lazily stroking you off, but he manages it as only Shindou can. "What's the one thing that can - ahhh - make you even happier than you are right now?"

Touya giggles at the nature of the question, and opens his mouth to retort, "getting to top for once without you being a wuss about it," until Shindou pulls himself up and Touya sees that his eyes are serious - watchful and a little amused. It throws Touya off his game for a moment - Shindou always knows just how to take you by surprise just when you think you've arrived at yose - and he buys himself some time before answering by trailing his thumb over the ridge of Shindou's erection. Shindou closes his eyes for a moment, before reaching down and grasping Touya's hand and stilling it. Touya's eyes widen in momentary confusion, but then Shindou laces their hands together and rests them against the pillow, and suddenly it hits Touya, and he stares at Shindou.

He wouldn't, he thinks. Not now, not after all this time? And thinks, why not now? and has to suppress the rush of excitement lest it make Shindou nervous. Touya very carefully controls his voice, and says, "Shindou? Is there something you want to tell me?"

Shindou's eyes aren't nervous, though, and they aren't holding anything back, which is when Touya realizes he's really going to tell him. Shindou settles against him, looks at him evenly, and says, almost like a purr, "Yes, Touya, there is."

Touya takes a deep breath, feeling his heartbeat quicken in anticipation. Shindou has been planning this - planning to tell him now. But Touya has planned ahead too. "Then," he says unsteadily, taking Shindou's other hand and squeezing it, "there's something I need to tell you first."

Shindou waits. Touya takes another deep breath, for good measure.

"I love you," he says firmly, "and I love your Go. No matter what."

"Touya," Shindou says, and gets that half-happy, half-astonished look of wonder; that look of combined joy and disbelief that out of all the people in the world Touya could be looking at that way right now, Touya is looking at him.

Touya thinks of the way Shindou had looked with marble fudge swirl spread across his nose. "Hey, look, Shindou," he had grinned. "It matches your hair." And in the ensuing chocolate ice cream war, a part of him had known, then and there, that his destiny was with Shindou Hikaru, and that this was only the beginning.

"Soooo," Shindou says, and Touya closes his eyes and just smiles.

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