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Hi to new readers of this lj! If you've come here for posts on some particular subject, all I ask is that you please don't expect much. I'm sort of in the middle of a transitionary phase, only I don't know where I'm coming from or where I'm going, so mostly this journal lately is one big spazzing out. I hope you guys feel welcome and comfortable here anyway, and please feel free to ask questions or tell me about yourselves, or, you know, whatever. :)

and now, on to the J-rock.

  • Somehow during the past two months I've gone from cringing whenever I hear L'Arc~en~Ciel (after, like, at least a year of longstanding dislike) to kind of grudgingly agreeing that they have decent songs, to totally falling in fucking love with "Neo Universe" and "Still I'm With You," to thinking "OH THANK GOD IT'S HYDE" whenever I hear him. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME.

    Seriously, though, this album, Roentgen Stories? This album is like 5 years old and I'm just now hearing it, and somehow I REALLY LIKE IT. GOD. :(( Like. I don't even know, I just deleted like 18 gigs of real music off my ipod to make room for more J-pop. I'm all happy over m-flo now, too. If, next month, I start to pimp you guys, like, Plastic Tree or Glay or Gazette or fucking Dir en Gray or something, please prepare an intervention. :(

    All the songs on this album are longer than single-length (except for Evergreen which I think was the only single?), and they generally feel more ballady and pretty. Dare I say, more melodic than normal. You can see that, for example, on Angel's Tale, which is really just lovely by any standard, even mine. :/

    I actually really do think that Hyde has a beautiful voice. He just..... usually has terrible songs? Except, apparently, when they're not terrible and I suddenly love them? Please help me. and by help me, i mean, please give me more solo-hyde. :|

    Anyway, here is Roentgen Stories (change extension to .rar). 79mb. Download and enjoy.

  • There's this chick, Shiina Ringo? She sounds like she should be in a Japanese musical. If they ever make Ariel! The Musical, I've found my little mermaid. I've been trying to get Sam to listen to this for a week and I bet she still hasn't. Fuck you, Sam, you're missing out on what is obviously the greatest song of all time. I have no idea who this person is or where I found her, but I have like, seven songs by her and they clearly aren't enough.

  • Dear m-flo, you are the reason I made this post.

    I first met up with m-flo back in summer 2005 because they did a collab with Rie fu. I listened and was basically like WTF and that Dopeman song didn't help. They quickly slid off my playlist. Then, however, much much later, they put out this song, "Astrosexy," with Chemistry (who rocks, btw), and I'm like THIS IS SUBLIME. And just kept listening and listening, and over the months I kept picking up more of their stuff here and there, so that by this point I'm just like BRING ME YOUR M-FLO, YOUR COLLABS, YOUR REMIXES YEARNING TO GROOVE FREE.

    I think the technical label for m-flo is "J-urban" but they've spent the last three years putting out entire albums of collabs with artists literally all over the map from folk-punk to techno. This would be the very well-known "Loves" series, as in "m-flo loves BoA, m-flo loves SOUL'd OUT, m-flo loves Ken, m-flo loves your mom."

    I've been listening to m-flo a ton lately and I basically can't get enough of them. They basically rarely sound the same twice, so they always sound fresh, even though they are very techno/dance mix-heavy. There are certain elements of their sound, especially in songs like "Vanessa" and "Cosmic Night Run" that are really ska/swing-ish and remind me a lot of Yellow Cherry and Ketsumeishi*.

    Here are a couple of my favorites from the Loves series:

  • Love Bug - m-flo loves BoA
  • Vanessa - m-flo loves Bloodest Saxophone
  • Cosmic Night Run - m-flo loves Maki Nomiya
  • Let Go - m-flo loves Yukisha
  • Picture Perfect - m-flo loves Monkey Majik
  • and of course, my favorite - Astrosexy - m-flo loves Chemistry.

    The complete M-flo discography with all their full albums is available here. It's a good post and a good download source, so I'm just linking to it.

    Bonus: This is Monkey Majik singing "Red Dress" off the Picture Perfect single. They're so out of tune here. Except when they aren't, and it's all breezy and summery and guitary and great.

    *By the way, I've been eagerly looking without much success for Ketsumeishi downloads recently, and would be willing to bribe anyone out there who is hoarding their stash. You'd think a band with the #2 song in Japan in 2005 would be providing more FREE THINGS FOR ME, but alas, they are not. I wanted to include my collection of Ketsumeishi in this post, but there's not really enough of it to put it here. Maybe next week. P.S. Have I mentioned they sound just like Yellow Cherry?

    Last week on this journal, we talked about Harry Potter, Nobuta slash, Bob Dylan, and Hikago. What shall we talk about this week? Does the Real Face dvd mean they're bringing Jin back? Are Alanis's lady lumps in fact lovely? Should I cut my hair to look like Ban's from Getbackers?

    Happy Easter, everyone. Let today be a day of renewed faith and miracles for all of us.
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