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I Spam Because I can...

And because nobody else's LJ's appear to be working.

I'm passing along this link from JediGinny, who made WONDERFUL CoS Trailer Screencaps Right here! Get 'em!

Oh, and in conjunction with Jen's link above, Miss Breed would like to say this. I am currently dying over Miss Breed's eloquence. And Jen's screen-capping talent. Smooch.

Jen's like, "Everyone's so spunky tonight!" Jen's also given up on not being pervy, as she says it's "bloody useless." I'm inclined to agree with her.

I feel like watching all six hours of Pride and Prejudice and drinking lots of wine. Who wants to stay up that late with me???? *looks around*

Dude. I've decided pinky-swearing friendship and devotion is a lovely way to cement an enjoyable evening. My pinky is now available to all and sundry.

I'd also like to say that upon closer inspection that funky green "high" smiley is utterly hilarious. Heeeee.

vanityfair: I have decided that I like red wine much much more than I originally thought I did.
ohdraco: *laughs*
vanityfair: *laughs too*
vanityfair: dude, you should get drunk with me and then we could have an LJ block party.
ohdraco: I am not getting drunk now! Haha, I am tired!
vanityfair: but you're still awake!
vanityfair: therefore you should be rolling wid de homies!
ohdraco: Do not try to turn me into a rolling homey!
vanityfair: Hey, yo, homey is as homey does!
ohdraco: This is true.
vanityfair: ah, yes.
vanityfair: i am a seeker of wisdom and truth.
vanityfair: *breaks into obscure broadway songs*
ohdraco: You are old and sage.
vanityfair: I am not.
vanityfair: I am neither old nor a shrub.
ohdraco: You know you want to be old and sage!
vanityfair: i do not! I want to be young and ...and...rosy!
ohdraco: Okay. You are young and hyacinth.
vanityfair: you wouldn't know old and sage if you sat on a tumbleweed.
vanityfair: *stares at that, pours more wine*

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