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Sam: More posts about Bump of Chicken!

I am already a day behind on my 7 days thing because I did a Video for youtube and youtube ate it, so now I have to start over. I wasn't going to post anything in between-times because I thought BUT I NEED TO BE SHOWING LJ THAT I LOVE IT! Then I realized that posting normally is showing LJ that I love it. I LOVE YOU LJ. YOU ARE LIKE A CUP OF HOT CHOCOLATE AND A FAVORITE CUDDLEBLANKET ON A RAINY DAY.

So. Pick a fandom, any fandom.
  • Spurious has a JE Fandom Friending Meme! This is the first friending meme I think I have done in like 3 years. Be my Akame & Ryoda friends. :(

  • Prince of Tennis manga!!!!!! oh my god. I haven't actually been reading the manga since Atobe spoilered his spoiler, but yesterday Sam - of all people, SAM - spoiled me for what his spoiler looked like after all the spoiler had grown back. I am so grimface. Oh Atobe. Wear it with style.

    The fact that we are in the Rikkai finals is making me all wibbly with angst. Prince of Tennis has always been one of those things that I kind of expected to really just go on forever. I still keep hoping in the back of my mind that Konomi will show us Tezuka and Ryoma's final match (Because Ryoma still hasn't beaten him in the manga!!!!) and Fuji v/s Tezuka and Ryoma v/s Nanjiroh. God.

    Actually, what I think I would love more than anything to see is Fuji v/s Yukimura in the last battle. I know it won't happen, but if we can't see Tezuka v/s Yukimura, then god that would make me happy. I really, really wanted Tezuka to be Singles One, but I understand why he would make himself Singles 3. Oh, Tezuka. So self-sacrificing. Always wanting to push your players higher. I love you.

  • sarahtales told me she loves Hikaru no Go, and that it is the gayest thing she has ever seen. This makes me happy in a way I cannot properly describe except with flapping and flailing. I want her to write fic and she says she has novels to finish. Pfft. What are novels when she could be explaining the symbolic connection between Touya and argyle? I seriously question her priorities. Also I am making her read the manga. All of you should consider yourselves On Notice if you have not done likewise.

  • My post on women in HP has got me thinking a lot and everyone who commented had great things to say. Thank you. It makes me want to make some sort of humongous chart/diagram layout of plot points in HP and who causes them to occur. This is funny because in the van on the way back from Phoenix Rising Erica, Sandi, starrysummer and I (and one other girl whose username I think I have lost!) were talking about Slytherins and how they are portrayed. "I shall make a chart!" said I. I don't actually know what I would do with all my charts if I did make them. Perhaps I could hitchhike to Prophecy and then stand with them in the lobby. Waving them around. VOTE FOR GIRLS AND SLYTHERINS :(

  • I want to talk about Pirates of the Caribbean, like, a lot. I have a post sitting on my computer at home that is going unanalyzed. I rejoined pirategasm yesterday for the first time since, what, 2004? I used to quietly lurk in the PotC fandom, until the Sparrington craze drove me away. I miss it. I want piratefic and Will and Jack and Elizabeth and Mr. Gibbs trawling the ocean and occasionally running into Barbossa and Jack the Monkey, and then they can all swordfight for old times' sake, and by swordfight I clearly mean giant pirate orgy, except perhaps not with the monkey, though if he really wanted to join in I am sure there would be no stopping him. :( Characters. I love them.

  • I've been listening to this playlist for the last week and a half or so, that's basically just Bump of Chicken, Art School, and Asian Kung-Fu Generation. I have to say that the combination of the three of these bands is like. The most sublime playlist of my life. I fucking love Art School, man. Except when they're weird and they go all mumbly on you and then start screaming. And even then I love them. Seriously. They title their songs things like "Wynona Ryder Android" and "Junky's Last Kiss" and "Forget the Swan." Almost every single one of their songs has this methodic rhythmic repetition, like patiently beating out a call for a response that never comes. It's strangely mesmerizing, hypnotic to the point where you can't figure out whether you're annoyed by the repetition or just want it to keep going forever because it's so pretty and smooth and easy to get lost in. Put them together with Bump of Chicken, I DON'T KNOW MAN. IT'S LIKE THEY ARE MY J-ROCK OTP.

    This wasn't really about Bump of Chicken. I still love bump of chicken! Oh, man! Oh, boy, do I ever love Bump of Chicken!

  • If I owe you email I am bound and determined to respond to it tonight. Seriously. Enough of this 2 months' delay business. Also? Tomorrow is Draco's birthday. DRACO'S BIRTHDAY EVERYONE! Come join june05 and help us celebrate!!!!!

  • Question. I was at switchknife's slash recs the other day looking for Harry/Snape (shut up) and I realized that at least 80% of the fics she recced are turning up 404s.

    Would it be presumptious of me to go in and try to find the new urls to the lost fics that ze recced, so that the site can be updated? I'm also thinking a lot of those stories may be permanently gone from the web, in which case I would just remove the link to the dead sites without altering the fic rec in any way.

    Would that be overstepping my bounds as site mod or would it be a service to everyone to see that hir site remains current? What do the rest of you think? Again, I would not alter the content in any way apart from updating the fic links. But I'm really hesitant to modify content in any way on a website I host, even if its creator appears to be permanently gone and it hasn't been updated since 2003. :/

    Thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.
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