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okay. i'm awake. it's like 6:30. I just slept for like, most of the day.

I had dreams, yo. Like, we were all at this Harry Potter Youth Camp or something--like, ALL of us, it was huge--but half of us there were musical theatre lovers like me and nmalfoyand zorb and constantine1453 and thezeppo, and all I know is that while we were there we started to, like, i dunno, bash Andrew Lloyd Webber and vie for some kind of official campaign to get James Lapine to conduct the concert version of his latest musical instead of Sir Andrew himself. I'm pretty sure it was Phantom of the Opera and we were like, 'if we can't stop him from writing bad music, at least we can have somebody decent conduct it!

Come to think about it I don't think James Lapine is a conductor. I know I didn't mean James Levine (who used to conduct the NY Symphony) but I think he may have been the bushy-haired guy I was picturing in my mind.)

Only Stephen Sondheim was there, and, like, he YELLED at me and said we were all pathetic and he was SO not happy. Then he started signing autographs and being nice to other people but not to me because he said I was just a crazy obsessed fangirl. Keep in mind that I've met Stephen Sondheim and I probably DID act like a crazy obsessed fangirl-- but, hello, how ELSE do you act around God? I was like, 'but I already have your autograph, so, so, so, There!' and then I cried.

I then remember something about malfoyeatscock sneaking out of the camp to go get donuts. I was still morose from having my existance summarily invalidated by God. prettyboytowa was there too but I can't remember what she was doing other than just that she's always lurking about somewhere causing trouble.

Then I segued back to my little southern baptist church that i grew up in all my life, where my mom was playing piano. And for some reason even though she was playing piano the congregation was singing an a capella rendition of "My Jesus, I Love Thee" --much like the arrangement I wrote 4 years ago. And that was kinda nice. I think Nancy and Jen were there. I'm not sure. But they were also back at the camp and I remember Jen and I were playing pranks on all the other campers--I don't really remember how, but I do know that part was fun.

And I think I took some incriminating photos but I can't remember of whom.

And then the strangest thing--thegraybook wasn't in the dream but I was very very determined that I had to get a picture of the moon for her. So I was crouching down behind this window (why i didn't just go outside, I don't know) beside Jen, and I was trying to take this photograph of the full moon. It was huge and the sky around it was so black and it was beautiful-- but I was so upset because I couldn't take the kind of picture I wanted for Cassie. I don't know WHAT in the world that means. But there I was. And I never did get Cassie's picture of the full moon. Then I woke up and it was 6:30 and god, my sleep schedule is fucked up...

And now for something completely different:

From the Geniuses at nocturne_alley....

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