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Harry Potter and the Obnoxiously Long Review

This is my review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

I first read Harry Potter in August or maybe late July of 1999. I joined the Harry Potter fandom by signing up for a now-defunct mailing list on e-groups called HarryPotterAnonymous (I think) in May of 2000, a month before Goblet of Fire came out. I read my first fanfic, Paradigm of Uncertainty, on the same day, and have considered myself a canon Harry/Hermione shipper ever since, even though I didn’t really enjoy fanfic.

I discovered H/D slash in November 2001, and it was like the universe colliding and fitting into place just for me.

As I sit here thinking about the last eight years of my life, and how much of it, perhaps too much of it, has been devoted to the HP fandom, it really does feel like the end of an era. But that’s the emotion talking, the overwhelming wonder that this book left me with from start to finish – that it was actually happening, that JKR was actually giving us the 7th book she’d promised in so many ways. This review will probably be punctuated by a lot of bawling and incoherence, but I want to get the important part out of the way first.

Harry Potter will never be over. Never.Collapse )
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