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As if this list weren't cool enough, now we have a Penguin Exclusive at the Armchair:

Climbing Trees.

Read it and worship Penguin, as she deserves. I'm SO in love with this ficlet.

To-do list:
--beta part one of The Losing Side Chapter 11 (which i'm happy to say is starting to rival the Trilogy in chapter length. Mmmmm. I love you, Antenora.)

--read "Checkmate" at ff.net. Dammit, how am I supposed to read "Checkmate" if the bloody ff.net search engine isn't working? I'm certainly not going to sit there and scroll through page after page of general HP fics looking for it. *....ponders recent drought of fics and then starts scrolling through pages*

--email the authors who will hopefully be featured at the Armchair soon and remind them that their month is coming up :D

hmmmm. more later.... i have so much to DO...
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